Wordless Wednesday – Freesias in the garden



Freesias so wonderfully perfumed

Freesias so wonderfully perfumed

Freesias with Artemisia

Freesias with Artemisia

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22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Freesias in the garden

    • These are a very old vareity from a friend’s grandmother’s garden so seem quite tough; I also have some I bought that are much taller and different colours, they’ve survived two winters outside in pots so I think if they are dry they aren’t too difficult.

    • I wasn’t sure how hardy they would be so I planted them where they would be protected by other plants; I will move some to other places now they are increasing in numbers so well, they were slow to begin.

  1. those are the true species (not the horticultural horrors in neon nasty colours – sorry)
    Mine are only just pushing the first inch of leaf up.
    Freesia alba is found growing in sandy or stony soils amongst dune scrub or at forest edges, usually in light shade, also in damp places near water, mainly along the coast, from Hermanus to Plettenberg Bay – from PlantZAfrica.

    • Yes, I thought it probably was the species but as it had been in the friend’s garden for so many years I wasn’t sure if it had hybridized. I don’t dislike the pure colour hybrids and long as the perfume hasn’t been bred out!

  2. I am very happy to see my grandmother’s freesias have become so famous!!! Thank you very much, Christina! 🙂 This is the first year my freesias are bloomed everywhere! This was my end: to dissiminate this lovely specie! Sorry for my english! 🙂

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