GBFD – Spring Sings, March 2014

There is a definite feeling of spring in the air; it isn’t that the temperatures are higher than before; it is the light levels that sign out that winter is over and spring is here!

There are new blooms opening almost every day now, but it isn’t the principle reason that the garden is telling me it is spring; new shoots, new foliage and changes in colour of foliage plus that hard to describe ‘fullness’ even of evergreen plants announce that though there is still time for some cold weather (last year we had a very cold spring even into May) there is now no stopping the relentless urge for plants to grow, flower and reproduce themselves.

Top of the Drive Border

Top of the Drive Border

This view of the top of the drive border is looking very full, the evergreens have put on a lot of new growth, especially the Cistus and Eleagnus; as you can see there are few flowers as yet, you might just be able to see some Muscari but it is the form and structure of the planting here which delivers the relationship with the surrounding countryside.

Veiw from terrace

Veiw from terrace



The back border has Photinia hedging giving a wonderful red glow to the view from the kitchen and front terrace.

Hemerocallis foliage is filling out, looking shiny and healthy

Hemerocallis foliage is filling out, looking shiny and healthy

Cerastium tormentosum

Cerastium tormentosum

wild lupin foliage

wild lupin foliage

A couple of years ago a wild lupin found its way into the garden, I have allowed it to stay, indeed I have sprinkled the seeds to help their dispersal; they are fleeting flowers but their new foliage is, I think, beautiful.

Artemisia ludoviciana Valerie Finnis

Artemisia ludoviciana Valerie Finnis

opps! a tulip snuck into the picture, sorry couldn't resist this combo with Artemisia ludoviciana Valerie Finnis

opps! a tulip snuck into the picture, sorry couldn’t resist this combo with Artemisia ludoviciana Valerie Finnis

Sedum 'Purple Emperor' and Santolina

Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’ and Santolina

Nothing beats this combination in my garden, Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’ and Santolina make a wonderful contrast of colour and texture especially when the sedum have their new deeply coloured leaves.

I hope you will join in FBFD with some foliage from your garden.  Just post with a link back to here and leave a comment with the link back to your post.  I look forward to seeing some colourful new foliage or maybe you have something that is a surprise?

27 thoughts on “GBFD – Spring Sings, March 2014

    • Thank you Pauline, our rain has now arrived and they say (though I’m not sure I believe it) that it will continue for 2 weeks. Thanks for joining in again this month.

  1. I really like the wild lupin foliage. And I always love to see strong contrasts like the purple and silver in your last photo. Have a nice weekend Christina!

  2. Happy GBFD! I wish I had the discipline to follow a regular posting schedule, but I’m afraid it would always be late. Love the greys and agree that the lupine is worth keeping for the foliage alone…. and the long views are always a pleasure. It’s so nice to see how your garden relates to the countryside.

    • It wouldn’t matter if you were late, I’d love to see the foliage in your garden. Aften I don’t post again for a few days although at the moment so much is happening I’m posting almost every day!

  3. You’ve highlighted some lovely foliage, especially that wild Lupine. Am I correct in thinking that you are in Italy? I’ve always wanted to visit Italy. Thanks for your visit to my blog. My greenhouse is brand new, and I wasn’t quite sure how warm I could keep it with the heater, so I’ve been moving my over-wintering plants out there slowly from the house.

    • Yes, that’s correct, I’m about half way between Rome and Siena, my climate isn’t Mediterranean though, our winters are often quite cold (down to minus 10°C) but not this year when the temperatures have only dropped below zero a couple of nights.

  4. Hey Christina,
    How dare you let a few tulips in and spoil the image. But seriously that ‘Purple Emperor’ is a stand out in this combo but has my mind spinning thinking of other admiral combos.

    • Purple and silver always look great together but there aren’t that many that will thrive in drought conditions for several months and still look as good as these two do. If you come up with something you think will survive, do let me know and I’ll give it a try.

  5. I love the way the Artemisia highlights the tulips. I wish I could get wild lupin to establish in my own garden – although those bordering the road into our community show up every year, they don’t want to take up residence in my backyard.

    • Yes, the Santolina likes it very dry, it looks good all summer with no irrigation but would not be happy with wet soil. Thanks for joining in again this month Susie, I’m sure you have something interesting for us to enjoy.

  6. Your garden is looking wonderful for the time of year Christina – very fresh and full. I have learnt two new things from your post – what a wild lupin looks like (and that I have them) and that santolina looks so good against Purple Emperor. Hence I will be buying some santolina and I will not be weeding out the wild lupin!

  7. beautiful foliage Christina, especially love the silvers and purples,
    sorry I won’t be joining in this month as nothing new to show, just lots of wet foliage and bare stems, Frances

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  9. I was admiring your lupin foliage too – and that artemisia. I realised once I was writing my post that there was so much else I could have included – and it really does amaze me how quickly things start clumping up after a winter rest. Thanks for giving us such a good prompt to look at our own gardens in a slightly different way every month. Mine is now posted at

    • I’m glad you are finding the foliage meme useful. The more I look at my garden the more I think that if there had to be a choice between flowers and foliage I would choose foliage every time! I try to just show something that particularly strikes me each month rather than everything. I particularly enjoy seeing all the lovely foliage in others’ gardens. thank you for joining in again this month Cathy.

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