The Crimson Zone – Tulips

More and more Anemone Sylphide are flowering although a rogue red one is flowering here too.  Is it a seedling from last year’s corms or one that just crept into the wrong pack I wonder?  It would be lovely to think they are spreading by seed but maybe a bit optimistic for one to be flowering in its first year.

The Anemones have been joined by Tulip Persian Pearls and T. Purple Dream and there are buds visible on T. Barcelona.  Hyacinth ‘Miss Saigon’ is already fading.


Tulips Purple Drean and Anemone Sylphide

Tulips Purple Drean and Anemone Sylphide

Tulip Persian Pearls

Tulip Persian Pearls

Anemone Sylphide, plus the rogue red one!

Anemone Sylphide, plus the rogue red one!


25 thoughts on “The Crimson Zone – Tulips

  1. I love a bit of happenstance in the garden like your red rogue. Will you leave it or find it a new home? This is a cheerful planting–the strong color of Tulip Persian Pearls is nice.

  2. Lovely! Very pretty colours. We finally had some rain yesterday and today…. in fact a little sleet fell too and it’s turned decidedly chilly. I’ll have to be patient to see my tulips, so hope you’ll post some more pictures of yours soon!

  3. I love the combination of the Anemones and tulips. Tulips, even species tulips, don’t perform especially well here in southern California. I’ve had some rogue Ranunculus blooms in unexpected (and unwanted) colors too – I try to dig them up and relocate them before the flowers fade and I forget where they are.

    • I’ve moved the offending Anemone aready for the same reason! Hybrid tulips actually do better for me than species. I imagine that your winter is just too warm for them to do well, they require a period of cold weather.

  4. Can’t believe that you have tulips already Christina even though it’s logical when I think about it. ‘Purple Dream’ is a perfect partner for anemone ‘Sylphide’. The rogue red must have been lonely – hope that you gave it room somewhere else 🙂

    • The tulips are earlier this year, there are already a lot flowering, I’ll have to give them a post of their own very soon! I found a good spot in the Spring Walk for the red Anemone, I hope it didn’t mind too much being moved while it was flowering but otherwise I would never have remembered which one it was.

  5. Beautifully coordinated except for one little one which I have read that you have already moved. Nature always has a little laugh at our efforts! The combination of your tulips and anemone is delightful.

    • I wonder if the red Anemone was actually a seedling from the orgininal planting from autumn 2012. If anyone knows how long it takes for a seed to flower I would be very interested.

    • Tulips need a dry summer, that’s why in the UK they are usually lifted or treated as annuals as you do (though I don’t think they’re actually so expensive in compared to other annuals). Mine usually return here, I’ve had some for four or five years and they even start to make more bulbs but then the flower is usually a little smaller. when I post about the tulips in the next few weeks I’ll say when they were planted.

  6. The tulip and anemone combination in your first photo is really lovely. Hope the rouge red flower is happy in its new location and rewards you with plenty more flowers in years to come!

  7. beautiful Christina, it must be such a joy to garden were you can enjoy it for so many months of the year, it is something I didn’t realise until I was already too far north, so I sit here with my morning (umpteenth) cuppa and bask in the sun of your garden virtually, thanks for sharing, Frances

    • I don’t think I realised how lucky I was even in southern England; it is only reading blogs from the northrn Statesof America that I realise I couldn’t bare to garden where there was snow on the ground for 4 or 5 months. The grey skies with or without rain are very depressing, of all the things here in Italy it is the light I love the most. I’m very happy to share my sunshine with you Frances, although today it is coldish and cloudy but the clouds are quite high in the sky not like English clouds that feel as if they are pushing on your head.

  8. I’m really enjoying your sunshine, and yes it’s nearly unbearable going through 4-5 months of cold and grey! But…….
    Can I confess that I like the red anemone in with the purples and pinks? It’s pushing it, but I would almost like a few orange tulips in there too! Not that your border isn’t exceptional, but I’m so tasteless when it comes to color I always opt for “more is more”. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has something to do with the relentless winter!

    • I’m happy with a mix of colours in some parts of the garden (the spring walk is designed to be full of as many colours as possible) but just here it has to be crimson – the name of the area isn’t the crimson zone and others…..

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