A Vase on Monday A mix of colours

Today’s vase is quite a mixture of colours but I think they harmonise well together and the flowers certainly shout “It’s Spring”.  Thank you Cathy for encouraging me to pick flowers to bring inside; it is something I’ve always found difficult to do as I generally hate to rob the borders; but I do love having cut flowers, especially perfumed so this meme makes me look hard for what can be spared.  When there are flowers in the cuttings bed I will have no excuse at all, but it will be a while before there are flowers ready to pick.  If you would like to see what others have found to pick today do visit Cathy at Rambling in the Garden; better still why not pick some flowers yourself and join in!

I posted the species Freesias on Wordless Wednesday and fully intended to pick some and display them in some small vases but when I was walking around the garden yesterday I saw that the hybrid Freesias were also beginning to flower.  I planted these in pots in autumn 2012 and kept them in the greenhouse all last year until they flowered in spring 2013 (it was late April I think); then they were relegated to a place outside where they would be watered every so often, but not very regularly; they remained outside all winter and are just beginning to flower.  They have a fantastic perfume and while I know some of you don’t like the bright colours I am happy to pick these for the vase and leave the species in the garden for now.


Tulip Negrita in forground

Tulip Negrita in forground

Tulip Negrita, Anemone coronaria 'Mr. Fokker' and Freesia

Tulip Negrita, Anemone coronaria ‘Mr. Fokker’ and Freesia

Cerinthe major

Cerinthe major

I wish you could smell the Freesias

I wish you could smell the Freesias

P1130888 blog

I decided to add some Cerinthe which are beginning to flower profusely and some blue Anemone coronaria ‘Mr Fokker’ and three Tulip Negrita (planted in 2010, they flower each year, in fact some of the bulbs have split and each is producing more than one stem, maybe a little smaller than in the first year but still making a strong statement in the garden.

Materials used: My favourite blue vase, Cerinthe major 9 stems, Tulips Negrita 3 stems, Anemone ‘Mr. Fokker’ 3 stems, Fressias 7 stems.

21 thoughts on “A Vase on Monday A mix of colours

  1. I wish I could smell the Freesias too, they look lovely, you have Cerinthe in flower, I have just sown some in pots to transfer to my cutting garden – a first for me this year.

    • Cerinthe is a spring native flower here in Italy, their foliage is horrible by may and I pull them all out! They are late flowering this year, I’ve had them flowering at Christmas some years.

  2. Beautiful photographs Christina. These Freesias and other flowers with their bold, rich colors fit perfectly with your deep blue vase. Happy to see your Mr Fokker (though I admit to being a bit envious too!). And the Cerinthe major is striking.

  3. I didn’t realise cerinthe was native in Italy – and what a coincidence that we both talked about flowers shouting about spring!! 🙂 The colour of the cerinthe draws the other flowers together, doesn’t it? Shame we can’t smell the freesia, though. Thanks for joining in – and I am very fond of your blue vase too!

    • I think the native may actually be yellow rather than purple, I’ve found it difficult to confirm. there was a lot to chose from today, I may have to pick some more later in hte week!

  4. Very pretty! It’s always amazed me how just a few Freesia can scent a room. My Freesias are already well past their prime and, sadly, I never got around to bringing any inside this year.

  5. Amazing to be able to pick Freesia from the garden, I like the Cerinthe because I like to see flowers that are not the usual cut flowers used in displays. I have never cut any of my Cerinthe, never thought about it.

  6. What a lovely collection of flowers Christina. I am interested to read that your fuchsia are flowering after being left outside all year – I grew a few in the greenhouse a couple of years ago but threw the bulbs out because I didn’t think they were hardy. Perhaps I will have another go. I am also very envious of your Cerinthe and tulips. I think I may have tulips flowering next week, but I am many weeks away from Cerinthe. You have a fabulous combination there and I also love your vase!

    • Cerinthe flowers very early sometimes at Christmas! The plants are all self seeders and I pull the parent plants out by the end of May because the foliage looks horrible by then.

  7. How I wish I could smell those freesias too Christina! They do look lovely and cheerful all together, and the blue vase sets them off nicely too. 😀

  8. I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never smelled a freesia….. some day I hope 🙂
    The cerinthe is another plant I have yet to experience. I’ve seen it, been tempted, but haven’t yet added it. It does add a completely different feeling to your arrangement.

    • Cerinthe grows very easily from seed; I find that if you sow in modules the plants never stand up but those that seed direct in the ground are always much stronger plants. Freesia have the most wonderful perfume so I hope you do get to smell them one day Frank.

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