A Vase on Monday – Spoilt for Choice

I’m linking to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her Monday meme of a vase of flowers from the garden. This is a real spur for me to actually pick some of the flowers that at this moment are filling the garden with colour.

Suddenly the garden is full of flowers to pick! Even I am willing to pick a few tulips when there are so many opening their buds each day; today is very hot and sunny so they won’t last so long I therefore feel more justified in picking some.
Last week’s mixed vase continued to look good until yesterday but this morning the only thing worth keeping was the Cerinthe major but I didn’t want that in my vase today but I’ll leave it and add more freesias later in the week. The freesias are coming fully out now and so need to be picked. I’m beginning to understand how important it is to choose the right flowers for the new cutting beds to have a continuous supply through the year but not too many all at one time!
On Friday we had friends to dinner so I made a very simple vase to have on the coffee table, I didn’t want the vase actually on the table on this occasion. This morning I decided to add to this vase for today’s meme. Outside the garden on the tuffo bank and all around the countryside species Iris have been in flower for a couple of weeks; I have them on the slope too, but they are only just opening there, I’m not sure why they are later. I thought the strong clash of orange tulips (T. Brown Sugar) with Photinia foliage and the intense purple blue of the species Iris would be a great way to celebrate the return of the sunny weather.

The as it was created on Friday with Tulips, Photinia and Viburnum burkwoodii

The as it was created on Friday with Tulips, Photinia and Viburnum burkwoodii

Here is today's vase with the addition of species Iris

Here is today’s vase with the addition of species Iris

Here with a less cluttered background

Here with a less cluttered background

I need to have a piece of white card or perhaps some fabric as a back drop to these photographs inside, I have problems with showing the vase to its advantage.

Thanks Cathy for hosting, do join in with a vase of your own or pop over to Cathy’s to see what other have managed to find today in their gardens.

17 thoughts on “A Vase on Monday – Spoilt for Choice

    • I can’t claim any credit for the Iris they grow outside almost everybodys gates. They do seem to be a stronger blue this year, I’m assuming its all the rain.

  1. That last picture is lovely Christina – it’s almost like a water colour painting. The meme is turning into a real education, isn’t it? Finding out how long things last in a vase, learning what else you could plant for continuity of flowers for picking – and getting over the reluctance to pick things like tulips too. Your ‘Brown Sugar’ are absolutely perfect with the photinia foliage. I am eyeing up some of my T clusiana but the mixed bag of hyacinth in the ice cream tubs are in full bloom and would make a gorgeous display if they last till next week! Thanks for your enthusiasm 🙂

  2. The combination of tulips and iris is beautiful and I like the addition of the pebbles in the vase too, Christina. My own garden is loaded with blooms now as well (although, sadly, no tulips). Your iris are blooming ahead of mine; however, my freesia have already finished up for the season.

    • It is always so intesting about when plants flower; some it is temperature, some light levels so some change each year and others remain constant whatever the weather throws at them.

  3. Mmmm, irises. How lovely! They go nicely with your tulips! I’ve been weeding today and looking out for my old favourites, but it is so dry here I will have to do some watering -something I only normally do in very extreme situations!

  4. What a beautiful combination Christina! T. Brown Sugar is lovely – not a variety I have seen before. And your iris – I don’t expect to have anything like that to flower with my tulips. You are right that the secret of a successful cutting garden is to have a good succession of flowers but only in quantities that you can use. It is a difficult balance – I am not sure if I will ever get it quite right. I have used tulips as well this week – they have only just started flowering in my garden so feel very precious!

    • I think because my tulips actually multiply in the garden I am a little more willing to cut them than I was before; but next year I will plant some just to be picked. I have a lot to learn with the cutting garden but I feel other bloggers experience may be worthmore than a book, although I bought Sara Raven’s book when it first came out but it isn’t all that helpful about quantities to plant etc.

    • Thank you. I have some freesias in the ground and the rest are in pots; I kept them in the greenhouse the first winter but this year they were outside the whole time, but the winter was very mild this year.

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