The Long View April 2014

Today is the day Heather at Xeric Style posts about the Long View.ย  Why not join in you oly need one image showing a wide or long view that you will show each month.

I find these posts far more interesting than ones about individual flowers as a garden is more than the sum of its parts!

The long view with just a glimpse of the Wisteria which is flowering now.

The long view with just a glimpse of the Wisteria which is flowering now.

Zomming in to see the detail in the crimson zone actually just to the left of the wide view today

Zomming in to see the detail in the crimson zone actually just to the left of the wide view today

As I was leaning out of the window to take today’s images, solitary bees were buzzing loudly trying to find homes in the warm tuffo wall.

Tulip 'Negrita' in the Upper Drive border with Artemisia 'Valerie Finnis'

Tulip ‘Negrita’ in the Upper Drive border with Artemisia ‘Valerie Finnis’

Tulip 'Negrita' in the Large Island

Tulip ‘Negrita’ in the Large Island

Tulip 'Purple Dream' with the froth of new growth os fennel

Tulip ‘Purple Dream’ with the froth of new growth of fennel

31 thoughts on “The Long View April 2014

  1. Christina, your long view is really changing now with so much new foliage growing well, the purple tulips look beautiful amongst it, I like these above views, I’d love some of my garden but I live in a bungalow and don’t fancy climbing on the roof, Frances

    • Don’t climb onto the roof, Frances; I would feel terribly guilty if you fell. Our house has three floors, sometimes it feels like a tower the stairs are so steep; the top floor would have been the grain store when this was a farmhouse.

  2. What an absolutely beautiful garden you have – so glad to have found you and thanks for visiting Dartmoor Ramblings. My garden is only just beginning to show signs of spring but it always happens later. I wish I hadn’t planted so much beech in the hedge as it comes into leaf in late may and is brown by September!

    • Thank you, maybe your beech isn’t getting enough water during spring, or if it has only recently been planted it will need feeding and watering for a couple of years to entablish well, but after that it should remain green for longer. May think one of its positive features is that it doesn’t come into leaf early allowing for bluebells to flourish under it.

  3. I really love your Negrita Tulips and have added them to my little book of plants I would like to grow, tubs for me though as we have a high water table. As I work as gardener, my long views are often cobblers shoes!

  4. What a lovely long view and how beautiful the tulips look along the Artemisia. I hope that in a year or so I may have the beginnings of a long view! A way to go though, yet. Thanks for sharing your garden. It keeps me going reading about it.

    • Thank you Jane, I know what it is like to start from nothing, we bought this house and I started the first border in 2007 and now most of it looks quite mature. The important thing is to clear the weeds properly as you go, otherwise you have to do everything every year.

  5. Such a great view! You really can see movement in the flower beds. Highlights the curves beautifully and your graceful vertical accents. The wisteria looks like it will be in full bloom for you soon! Enjoy the day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I love the idea of tracking a “long view” every month. Right now the view is pretty bleak in my garden – I’d probably have to just concentrate on April thru October here. Your garden has so much structure and bloom – lovely! Those combos of purple tulips and green-gray foliage are fantastic.

  7. Lots of lovely shades of green now, and both the purple tulips contrast very nicely with all the foliage. Hope to see some pictures of your wisteria… ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Nice to see all the different foliage and the spring flowers sparkling like little diamonds in between. Your wisteria is well ahead – it must be nice to sit underneath it and enjoy the view onto your beautiful garden.

  9. I want to say I appreciate the form and flow, but the colors always get me! I love the wisteria and the tulips are fantastic… and of course to see the anemones reaching their peak is a pleasure too. Spring is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes the Carpenter bees are being very busy; it is actually noisy on under the wisteria plus they damage the flowers when they pollinate them so the terrace is strewn with petals!

  10. My own long view post won’t go up until 4/5 but I couldn’t wait to comment here. So lovely and I too admire the purple and silver in combination. Love the structure and envy the lush greens – here in Central Texas we are fighting wind and drought already so, many of my glimpses of verdant views will likely be here on the internet!

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