In a Vase on Monday – Roses are blooming in Italy

It’s Monday so I’m linking with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her ‘In a Vase on Monday’ meme. All you need to do to join in is pick some flowers from your garden and arrange or even ‘plonk’ them in a vase to share them with the growing numbers of us who are joining in.

I didn’t want to use flowers that had been damaged by weather or snails this week but use some of the flowers that are at their best this week in the garden. I wanted to try to recreate the delicate pink of the triangular rose bed that some of you may remember me calling the ‘pink frilly knickers’ border last year!

Purple Elder with Rosa 'Scepter'd Isle'

Purple Elder with Rosa ‘Scepter’d Isle’

Rosa 'Scepter'd Isle' and Alliums

Rosa ‘Scepter’d Isle’ and Alliums

Purple Elder with Rosa 'Scepter'd Isle' and Alliums

Purple Elder with Rosa ‘Scepter’d Isle’ and Alliums

My roses don’t have beautiful long stems like the ones you buy in the florist do but I like their forms much better plus they are delicately perfumed so I needed to think of a way to make them look tall and elegant in the vase.


When I was with my MIL a couple of weeks ago she very kindly gave me some of her flower arranging equipment and I found a couple of things at her local garden centre too, so I used a large silver vase and placed a pin inside a device that goes into a candle stick in the top of the vase so my short roses look tall (as someone very new to arranging flowers I’m thrilled I thought of this.

I'm quite pleased with today's vase and the perfume is wonderful, reason enough to pick some flowers to bring inside

I’m quite pleased with today’s vase and the perfume is wonderful, reason enough to pick some flowers to bring inside

But taking the photograph is still not very successful.


In the vase today:

3 x Rosa ‘Scepter’d Isle’

5 x Rosa ‘Queen of Sweden’

5 stems Allium roseum

Foliage and flowers of Purple cut leaf Elder

Silvery foliage of Elaeagnus

Purple round foliage of Cotinus

What do you have flowering in the garden that you could pick to enjoy in the house?

32 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Roses are blooming in Italy

  1. The last couple of photos look like still life paintings… just missing an artful scatter of fallen rose petals on the table. ‘Scepter’d Isle’ is a very pretty rose, isn’t it – yet another plant for the list!

    • Scepter’d Isle is lovely with a lovely perfume and is very repeat flowering in conditions better than mine! The still life effect seems to come from the low light levels plus the small image size I have to use to upload to the blog, but thank you for the positive spin on bad images, it makes me feel much better.

  2. I love your last photo with the vase and flowers against a plain background to show them off perfectly. The colours of the roses and foliage make a beautiful picture.

  3. Christina, I am not a flower arranger by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know what I like and this weeks vase is gorgeous and elegant and works perfectly with the silver vase. The flowers of the purple elder really tie this all together too and very nice that you grow this combination together in your garden. Yes, this ones a winner!

    • R. ‘Queen of Sweden’ is a very upright and excellent reflowering rose; it is in the circular rose bed at present and doesn’t look right with the other roses there, I’m wondering if it would move to the back of the Trangular rose bed to back the exisitng planting; I’m very tempted to try this autumn.

  4. As Sarah said, some of your pictures look like those paintings whose name/style I can’t quite remember – you have every reason to be well chuffed with this vase Christina, and with your photos. Scepter’d Isle is a stunning rose and the choice of allium and purple elder to accompany it is stunning, I have tried these alliums a few times but without success – perhaps I will try again if I can squeeze a few in! When I placed my vase on the table after I had posted it I did give it a regretful sniff and look forward to having a fragrant vase sometime soon. Glad the mechanics of pin & candlestick worked well – I have bought some ‘pin holders’ to use instead of Oasis when the need arises. They seem to work well although one went rusty and I am not sure what effect rusty water would have on the flowers! Thanks for your enthusiasm for the meme, Christina.

    • Actually I think I enjoy this meme more than any other, maybe because it is changing me, I NEVER used to pick from the garden thinking the flowers lasted longer there and looked better whereas in truth it is wonderful to see the flowers inside and I’m enjoying learning a new skill. I’ve always felt that my roses were hopeless in a vase because they were too short but this vase shows that the right equipment can change that.

      • I am so pleased to read this Christina, as I have found it empowering too. I do tend to rise to a challenge, even a self imposed one, so by posting what I picked every week it encouraged me to ensure I did pick something, which was the plan. As you say, the meme just gets more and more enjoyable!

  5. It is beautiful. What a lovely rose and it looks gorgeous with the dark Elder and the dainty pink Allium. Do you make Elder flower cordial? The black Elder flower makes a wonderful coloured cordial.

    • I do make elderflower cordial, but I’ve never made it with the black elder, there aren’t enough flowers! I also make eldeflower sorbet which has become a May tradition.

  6. Beautiful, Christina! I love the delicate color of the pink roses and the materials you used as accents set them off well, as does the vase you chose. I’m also mightily impressed by your flower arranging skills! I’ll have to look into some of the arranging tools you mentioned.

    • This was my first experiment with the florists pins and they seem to work well; I think you have to have stems of the right size for them to work efficiently but something I’ll definately try using again.

  7. Looks like summer – lovely Christina! And the last photo is really nice – the background is not too harsh and softens the whole effect. In fact it looks like a painting!

  8. It is so lovely to see roses Christina – I am really looking forward to them returning to my garden. I am also glad that you are enjoying cutting and arranging your garden flowers – I used to be reluctant to cut flowers from my beds, but now I realise that I get even more pleasure from them when I can appreciate them close up. Your vase this week is beautiful and I think you should be pleased with your photos too!

    • Thanks Julie, I am thrilled that my roses look tall in this arrangement so I’ve learnt something just by experimenting but now I think I need a good book to help and inspire me, any recommendations?

  9. Christina, as large as my garden is, I still have emotional difficulty picking anything to bring inside except for special occasions. But your bouquet has successfully recreated in microcosm the beauty that your roses and their companions enjoyed outside. A miniature garden to enjoy inside! Your roses are exceptionally beautiful. The second photo of the bouquet is breathtaking. I love your silver vase. i have a similar one, so maybe…

    • I never used to pick flowers from the garden but I am getting so much pleasure from seeing the arrangements inside I realise what I’ve been missing all this time. I hope you will join in, next week maybe?

  10. Beautiful, Christina, whatever these pinholders you and Cathy talk about are, they clearly work, any chance you could send a photo or link of the magic behind the beauty? It reminds me of stage set, the audience don’t see the scaffolding, just the end result.Allium roseum is going on the list, and you even have me wondering about growing roses, truly a miracle…

    • Thanks Janet; I’ll post an image of the pin holder next week, I didn’t know what they were when Susie was writing about them, then I found my mil had some she didn’t use any more. As to growing roses, I sometimes think they are more trouble than they are worth, except in May when they are so beautiful and their perfume fills the air.

  11. What a beautiful rose! A David Austin English rose, I believe? I’m a huge fan of his roses, and we’re lucky enough to live quite close to his nursery, with its beautiful display gardens – wonderful at this time of year! (Note to self: time for a visit!) I love both the plant combinations in the border, as well as in the vase. It could be a still from the David Austin catalogue!

    • Thank you for the last comment, a compliment indeed! I visited his display gardens once, it was a great opportunity to see which roses really did do well in the garden, if they wouldn’t grow well in his garden, what chance did I have? Enjoy your visit.

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