In a Vase on Monday – A very perfumed vase

It’s Monday again, and time to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her meme to pick and put in a vase flowers from our own gardens. This is giving me enormous pleasure, thank you Cathy; I am enjoying having flowers in the house so much, I’ve started picking on other days too!

This week’s vase is a joy to the nose as well as the eyes. Philadelphus has a wonderful heady perfume and the pure white flowers set off the nearly black flowers of Iris ‘Before the Storm’ (the irises are coming to an end already so it is nice to have some in the sitting room to appreciate the elegance of their flowers. The Allium Aflatunense are from the formal beds; I planted 1000 in the front two beds in autumn 2008. I don’t think a thousand ever came up. Alliums need more water than I previously thought so they have never done particularly well in these beds. This year the Perovskia has grown taller than the alliums so I felt justified in picking some to add to my vase today.

P1150441 blogOn Saturday evening I had a few friends to a very quickly arranged supper and wanted to have some flowers for the table and joy of joys there were enough flowers in the cuttings bed to produce this.

Actually I think it would have been better without the Sisyrinchium striatum

Actually I think it would have been better without the Sisyrinchium striatum

Sunflower Van Gogh mix, Gerberia, Cosmos Orange Phoenix with Cerinthe

Sunflower Van Gogh mix, Gerberia, Cosmos Orange Phoenix with Cerinthe

The sunflowers and cosmos were both sown on 1st February 2014

The sunflowers and cosmos were both sown on 1st February 2014

The only flowers not from the cuttings bed are the Cerinthe which grow in various places around the garden (they self-seed profusely, I just drop the spent seed-heads that contain seeds where I want them to grow) and the Sisyrinchium striatum which were dug up last autumn when I was planting the spring walk and have been in a pot all winter.

Although this ‘vase’ wasn’t actually done today I am even more pleased with it because the flowers are from the new cuttings bed and grown the plants were grown from seed by me.

15 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – A very perfumed vase

  1. Both bouquets are beautiful color mixes, Christina. I love that Van Gogh sunflower! I planted sunflower seeds this year but mine are all still small seedlings – if I’d realized how early summer was going to begin here, I’d have planted them earlier.

    • I’m glad you found ‘Before the Storm’, it will almost be like a pass along plant in that you’ll think of me when you look at it; I hope it grows really well for you; if you had been close I would have given you a piece.

  2. I did pick one allium today to use in a posy (will show it tomorrow) but I am not sure whether I can spare any for a vase, not having planted 1000! Your Monday vase is simple and elegant but I am excited about your Saturday vase because you have grown the contents from seed – it must give you a nice warm feeling inside! The sunflowers are indeed lovely – how tall do they grow? It will be a while yet before any of my cutting beds produce anything… 😉

  3. The white on white effect of Philadelphus in your white vase against the white wall is very elegant and the darker allium and iris seem just right. Very nice Christina. Your sunflower/cosmos combo really works well too–sunny and cheerful.

  4. I like both of them – the first being very elegant and classic (lovely vase) and the second is such fun. Full of summery colours and so nicely arranged! 😀

    • Really I started them too early, if the weather hadn’t been so mild they would have died. The cut flowers are very much a learning curve this year, but I am making lots of notes.

  5. How wonderful to have flowers from your cutting patch already. Both vases look really good, and so totally different. I still haven’t worked out where I can plant sunflowers, but I love the shorter multi headed ones, particularly Ind dar rusty orange.

    • It is exciting, Janet, i intended having a cutting patch when I was first thinking about this garden but got side-tracked by the vegetables. I’m so glad I started joining Cathy’s meme, it has made me get on an actually do it.

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