In a Vase on Monday

Welcome to my contribution to ‘In a vase on Monday’ hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden where we pick flowers from our own gardens.

First a report on last week’s vases: The alliums are now alone in a vase but still looking perfect, so definitely worth growing some specifically to pick, I think I’ll put them in pots, even try to force some a little by placing them in the greenhouse (has anyone tried that?). The sunflowers have remained very fresh, I’ve added a couple more of the small heads from the stem of the plant and changed the Cosmos which didn’t last as long as I thought they would in a vase, so I may not grow so many of these next year, the stems are also shorter than I was expecting.

A tall elegant vase

A tall elegant vase

So to today; I mentioned on Friday that I wanted to grow some Gladiolus ‘The Bride’ in the cutting bed next year, in the end I couldn’t resist cutting a few from the border today. Some had fallen over with some strong wind and rain we had so I felt justified that I wasn’t spoiling the display in the Large Island by taking them. I added some Verbena bonariensis and to begin I added a stem of Acanthus which is just opening its flowers, but I decided it was too heavy against the other delicate flowers so I removed it. I think to be honest that this vase is slightly too tall for the arrangement but I suddenly remembered I had this lovely cone-shaped glass vase in a wrought iron stand and wanted to use it. When the acanthus are in full flower I think 3 stems in this vase might just be perfect.

P1150757 zoom

Thanks go to Cathy for hosting this challenging meme.  Do join in, you’ll be surprised how great it is to have flowers in the house.

21 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday

  1. Christina, I’ve not tried to force alliums or even put them in pots, but I also plan to add some more next year. This arrangement today is spectacular. Love the flower choices and awesome vase.

  2. Sooo nice, Christina – simple and elegant (reminding me perhaps to have less foliage in mine next week) and to the point. I have some ‘The Bride’ which are coming up again for their second year so I am quite hopeful of those later in the year after seeing yours, AND I have managed to keep a V bonariensis going for another year! Shame about the cosmos from last week – and do have a go with alliums in the greenhouse although I guess they would only want to be just frost free. I have planned to order some for picking too. Thank you so much for all you support with this meme.

    • I’m happy to support this meme; you can’t imagine how much I am enjoying cutting flowers, it also coincides with all my garden plants being much fuller and so there is material to spare which there wouldn’t have been before. I haven’t heated my greenhouse in the past although I am considering doing so to say 5° C as the temperatures rarely drop to below that anyway so the heating wouldn’t be on very often.

  3. I love the color and simplicity of this arrangement, Christina. Sometimes what you take out of an arrangement is just as important as what you put in, isn’t it? I think I should have taken more out of my own arrangement this week but I ran out of patience and time for fussing with it. It’s a good exercise, though.

    • When I was walking around the garden I thought the arrangement would need something more substantial so the Acanthus seemed a logical choice, but it just looked odd and heavy.

  4. This really is very elegant Christina, it does not seem visually too tall, but if I had that at home I know I would be clumsy and knock it over. The colour combination is lovely and you have inspired my to grow this Gladiolus, its so pretty.

  5. I like the simplicity of this Christina – white flowers seem to add an air of sophistication to an arrangement, as I noticed with Susie’s vase this week too. Nice and elegant, and a lovely vase too!

    • I’d fogotten all about this vase so I wanted to use it, it is difficult to know how best to use it, I will try with maybe just a couple of stems of something next time, maybe spring blossom would have been good.

  6. It’ s lovely, Christina, very elegant and a nice restrained colour palette. I love The Bride and it is worth growing it for cutting. The same with Alliums, I can’t bear to cut them from my flower beds and ruin the display.

  7. That’s beautiful Christina, I think the vase works really well with the elegant flowers, and that gladiolus is very elegant, another flower I would like to try growing next year. Cathy has really hit on something special with this meme, it is getting lots of people enthused! Interesting about the albums, another good excuse for more bulbs, as if I needed one!

    • That’s the thing about bulbs isn’t it? You order more and more; and then you have to plant them……..
      I’m just the same I already have a huge list and I’m still adding to it!

  8. Lovely decoration. I think I might have the same gladioli but they are not open yet, you are always just ahead of me. I have put in different alliums this year to attract the bees – so far not a lot of takers, the butterflies are interested, though. Amelia

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