In a vase on Monday – Van Gogh Sunflowers

Monday is here again so it is time to join Cathy at Rambling in the Garden where she asks us to pick flowers from our gardens to enjoy inside our homes. Do think about joining in even if you’ve always thought you didn’t want to raid the garden, I used to feel like that but now I realise that enjoying them inside is also a way of appreciating them even more.

When I was wandering around the garden last week I imagined that the American lilies in pots rescued from the shade under the terrace and now ear-marked for cutting would be flowering and ready to cut, but although there are a couple open on a couple of stems they will wait another week!

This morning what shouted that they wanted to be the stars today were the secondary flowers on the Van Gogh sunflowers; the blue vase was the obvious choice (almost as good as Daffodils!) placed next to the blue papier mâché plate that you’ve seen before. One yellow Gerbera also found its way into the arrangement but I didn’t want to add the others as the colours detracted too much from the sunflowers.

I managed to take this image outside before the thunder storm arrived and lots of rain!

I managed to take this image outside before the thunder storm arrived and lots of rain!

The sunflowers were sown on 1st February, they germinated in four days and were planted out on 19th March; in a normal winter this would be too early as we can still have frosts in March, but it has meant that I have them early this year. I’m thinking of making a third sowing to continue the season into autumn.

Van Gogh mix sunflowers

Van Gogh mix sunflowers

Inside the light is never perfect but the yeollows sing against the blue vase

Inside the light is never perfect but the yeollows sing against the blue vase

There were some Lilum regale ‘Album’ (also in a pot for cutting) and lots of Cosmos Sensation all from one plant so it will be interesting to see if the other plants are different shades of pink when they open. I added them to the Teucrium from last week’s vase along with some pink cornflowers from a mixed packet of seeds to attract pollinators bought in Lidl of all places and sown direct on 2nd April.

Cosmos and lilies waiting to be arranged

Cosmos and lilies waiting to be arranged

BTW, the vase from two weeks ago remained looking fresh for two weeks, I replaced the Gerberas with others, the rest of the flowers were fine.

Thanks to Cathy for hosting, do pop over to see what others have found to cut in their gardens today.

31 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Van Gogh Sunflowers

  1. Aptly named! How beautiful they are, Christina, and how lucky you are to have sunflowers already…but then you’re also harvesting tomatoes – lucky girl 🙂

  2. The blue vase is perfect, Christina – and your sunflowers are gorgeous. You have got me wondering whether to sow some more sunflowers myself, as I have already resown a few other things… Thanks for joining in

    • I’m seriously thinking of a third batch, I’ve only planted out 5 or 6 each time and the wind broke one of the first ones off very early on and one of the second batch has succumbed to something!

  3. I chose sunflowers this week too, sacrificing my first 2 blooms in a fit of madness. You have a much larger supply to show off. I started mine from seed as well but the first seeds didn’t go into the ground until early May – I’ll have to try starting them earlier, more on your schedule, next year.

    • They grew so quickly , Kris that I was worried they would be very large when I planted them out but it all worked out well. I should think you could start them even earlier than I did as your weather is definitely warmer than here early in the season.

  4. Gorgeous! The bright sunflowers are stunning with the blue vase. They would make a perfect subject for a painting! Will you post what you do with the pink cosmos?

  5. Your sunflowers are so inspirational Christina. I am growing sunflowers for a friends wedding in September and seeing how beautiful yours look arranged in your blue vase is really focusing my mind on how I am going to use all the sunflowers at the wedding (that is assuming I have any – they are so tiny right now).

    • If you have just a little warm weather they will grow very quickly, my second batch are suddenly quite substantial plants after all the rain and warmth of last week.

  6. It’s certainly a Van Gogh painting! You’d be forgiven for thinking they were all sunflowers. I still can’t believe how far on they are. I have done a similar arrangement in the past, when I grew several sunflowers one year. You’re right – they need nothing else. Lovely!

  7. Now that’s a veritable vase of sunshine Christina. I sowed some ‘Vanilla Ice’ and ‘Velvet Queen’ sunflowers but the molluscs have gone to town on most of them. Did you start yours off in a heated propogator?

    • Yes I have heated trays that I stand the seeds trays on. I find heat really makes most seeds germinate much more quickly, they were then grown on in my unheated greenhouse.

  8. Beautiful. The double sunflowers really add so much.
    I pretend to be more refined and try to turn my nose up at double flowers but I think I could do with a few of those. I’ll keep my eyes open for a few seeds!

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