The Long view – July

Another month has disappeared and it is time to join Heather at Xeric style to show a long view of the garden.

So much green still in the view this month!

So much green still in the view this month!

Several things are different, and one thing is surprisingly the same, namely the fields beyond the garden that had been cut for hay last month are this month very green!  We have had lots of thundery showers in the afternoons and sometimes during the night so that the garden is more colourful and the fields are green, long may it continue (although I think that is unlikely).

Blond Stipa tenuissima show that it is summer and not spring

Blond Stipa tenuissima show that it is summer and not spring

Above the upper drive border with behind the vegetable and cuttings beds.

The slope from a different view point than in Thursday's posts

The slope from a different view point than in Thursday’s posts

Edge of the large island

Edge of the large island

Ten days ago the Verbena bonariensis was looking like dead seed-heads, with the rain they are full of flower again.

Part of the Crimson zone

Part of the Crimson zone

Under a cloudy sky the colours are much more intense.

Perovskia and Oleander add colour

Perovskia and Oleander add colour

The flowers in the field outside the garden have totally changed where there were poppies and Malva now there are wild carrots and Verbascum; I hope some of the wild carrot will seed into the slope!

Wild carrot, I think

Wild carrot, I think

Verbascum pushing up above the tall grass

Verbascum pushing up above the tall grass

Thanks to Heather for hosting again this month.  Why not visit and see some other long views of gardens where often we only see close-ups!

37 thoughts on “The Long view – July

  1. It’s not just the fields that look green, Christina – your garden is also glowing with health after your recent rains. The blue of the Perovskia really stands out against the green.

    • the rain makes so much difference. We’ve never had so much rain in June in the last ten years. It highlights that if I was prepared to irrigate more I could have a different garden; but I’ve made my choice and I don’t think it right to use so much water just on flowers, I do irrigate my vegetables but it is clear that I would have larger onions (for example) if I watered even more!

  2. What a spectacular first view, Christina! Indeed, a long view. You do a wonderful job of putting your plantings together to make a nice whole. Nice to see your veg garden just beside your flowers! My favorite though is Stipa tenuissima… a grass I would love to grow when we have some room in cold frames for winter storage.

    • Thanks Julie, The Stipa is very hardy but it doesn’t like wet ground, it did survive when we had snow a couple of years ago but that was only for a couple of weeks not months as you have to endure.

  3. Yes, incredibly green still and looking lovely and fresh. I also love wild carrot, easy to identify as the true Queen Ann’s Lace with the red dot at the centre of the flower.

  4. what a perfect garden!!! and it is so well kept…..i’m very impressed….my garden looks like a jungle….if you decide to make a week course, i’ll be the first!!!

  5. Lovely tapestry effects Christina, in your long view, it all looks so interesting. Your perovskia is beautiful, ours isn’t quite at that stage yet, still a while to go.

  6. It is indeed good to see those long views, both of your garden and the adjacent fields. The effect of your grasses is particularly noticeable in these views, showing how it provides both form and movement

  7. What a lush June you had, the fields look as green now as they did in spring! I’ve been driven inside today by the heat and thunder, but there still hasn’t been enough rain to give any relief to the garden.

  8. Marvellous, and apart from your garden which always is a delight to visit, I also like the meadow bit, especially with the verbascum. Weather is rather tropical here with thunder and rain in the evenings but everything is looking refreshed and green again, so I shan’t complain!

  9. Christina the foliage is quite green with shades of silver and blond to break it up, it looks very full both inside and outside your garden, glad you are having some rain to keep plants happy, Frances

      • Christina, I’m not sure what you mean, are you saying my garden isn’t right for plants? some plants prefer a damp soil and cooler temperatures as I have learnt, a confused Frances

        • I can’t find the comment you’re confused by Frances, maybe you received a reply that was for someone else. I certainly don’t think that your garden isn’t right for plants. You’ve made some very beautiful areas that work really well and all plants want some rain,even all my drought tolerant species look better after there’s been some rain. Right plant right place is always my maxim. Christina

      • Christina, it’s the comment directly above my reply,
        “They need some space, sun and very free draining soil, so perhaps your garden isn’t quite right for them.”

        it doesn’t relate to the comment I’ve made on your post and what ‘they’ are you talking about? the plants is all I could think off and I haven’t mentioned my garden so what are you talking about? no need to reply I’m just explaining why I’m confused, it is not a comment by anyone else, and I don’t receive replies as I only read and reply on blogs, perhaps you need to look at your blog, Frances

        • This related to Perovskia and was written to I’m not sure who and maybe not even on this post. I imagine I did it on my iPhone and something went astray, it definitely was addressed to you.

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