In a vase on Monday – Changing my mind!

For the last couple of days I was sure that today’s vase for Cathy at Rambling in the Garden’s meme would contain the deeply magenta Gladioli which have been opening for more than a week; in fact I picked them before really considering anything else partly because they will not last many more days and also because they were planted especially to be picked.

Gladioli on the mantle in the kitchen

Gladioli on the mantle in the kitchen

However another Dahlia from my Lidl collection (!) was perfect this morning.  How this meme is changing my views and preferences.  I never used to like these big double blousy dahlias but for cutting, given the fact that I have had to do nothing to produce such a perfect bloom on a long stem, I am changing my mind; there are also many secondary blooms as the white ones in the base of the arrangement.

The arrangement where I arranged it in the kitchen; it was too hot to do it outside today

The arrangement where I arranged it in the kitchen; it was too hot to do it outside today

The white gladiolus is only just opening so it should improve during the week.

Dahlia 'Magenta Star'

Dahlia ‘Magenta Star’

Secondary flowers from the white dahlia I used last week

Secondary flowers from the white dahlia I used last week

Cosmos 'Purity'

Cosmos ‘Purity’

I added in a few stems of Cosmos Purity and some stocks; leaves of Cannas remaining from last week’s vase plus some extras were used for the foliage interest.  I used the same large bowl as last week with the same oasis with chicken wire over it for support.

Scented stocks

Scented stocks


In the final position by the dining table a added a large candle as an accessory

In the final position by the dining table a added a large candle as an accessory

I added the last of the lilies including 3 stems of a different lily again from a mixed colour themed mix from Lydl.  Why didn’t I know about their plants before; the quality seems better than any bulbs I’ve ever bought here and at a price that seemed a mistake!

P1160690 blog

The sunflowers are still going strong and I have yet another blue vase of the friendly flowers in the kitchen.  Thank you Cathy for hosting this meme where we try to fill a vase from own gardens or surrounding area.  Do visit her post to see what others have come up with this week.

47 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Changing my mind!

  1. Christina, your Gladioli are shown perfectly using that beautiful white vase. I think we have the same colored flower–love that rich red. The composed arrangement is so well done-it really shows off the perfect color, shape and freshness of each flower. I love the variety of materials you’ve used and how you managed to maintain a cohesiveness in the design. (You’ve inspired me to try to plant more flowers for cutting next year).

  2. The Glads have a moody feel but your 2nd composition is joyful. I love all the little additions that make the bouquet all the more special. I’ve always had mixed feelings about Dahlias myself. I put in just 3 bulbs this spring and when the 1st began to bloom, I was ready to chop its head off but it grew on me (if you’ll excuse the bad pun).

  3. Some lovely blooms in there Christina – and great to have those bargain buys from Lidl. I tend not to look in our Lidl very often being such an Aldi fan (we have both, almost next to each other), but can certainly vouch for Aldi’s plants (and bulbs too, I suppose). I have bought some of their mixed pots again and replanted them – they have been stunning again this year and I must show them off soon. I think it’s the colour of the purple dahlia that nails it today, linked with the other purple touches and some gorgeous white blooms too. How lovely to have all those gladioli for picking – but all blooming at once, which I suppose will always be a downside unless staggering their planting could make a difference? Thanks for joining in, as always

    • I don’t usually shop in Lydl but a friend said they were good for plants and ciabatta! The Dahlia came froma pack that contained various bulbs, I think some gladioli too all in this purple colour, I’m waiting for the other things to bloom but I would definitely go often to check what they have. I bought some cornflower seed for 29 centesime.

    • I don’t like these large gladioli in the garden but I do like them as cut flowers. The lilies always make the room scented but these aren’t too strong.

  4. The circle of leaves at the base of this arrangement really pull the look together, and I love the airy look of the white cosmos. I must try for a nice big patch of those next year.

  5. How lovely! I love the purples and whites together. The dahlias are lovely, specially the white one.
    I have never been to Lidl, I never realised that they have good bulbs. I must investigate.
    I grow lots of Cosmos too, it is so easy and reliable.

  6. Hello there, what a beautiful arrangement – I love the combination of purple and white. I wasn’t aware that Lidl sold bulbs and plants for the garden – must check our local store. I lost all my Cosmos earlier this year but will try again next year.

    • Hi Elizabeth, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. I don’t think Lidl has bulbs etc. all the time but the quality was good and there were some good choices for my new cuttings bed.

  7. You are using all the flowers that I hope I will come home to Christina. I love gladioli in the house and dahlias are so varied and so reliable. Well done for creating such a beautiful arrangement and such a great Cutting Garden!

    • I don’t like the Dahlias in the garden, much to fancy but they seem to work as cut flowers. I hadn’t realised that I felt so diffeerently about plants depending on where they were situated.

  8. Love the colour of your glads. I was sent a load of end of line glads a few weeks ago so on top of those I had already planted I’ve got even more. It’ll be an homage to Dame Edna in the house soon. 😉 Good to see so many people cutting flowers.

    • It is good that we’ve all taken to this meme, I hardly ever cut flowers from the garden before although I had already decided to dedicate an area for cut flowers this year. I’ve only just read the review of your book in The Garden (takes a while to arrive here); I thought it seemed a bit negative in a snide kind of way, I got the idea the reviewer didn’t like your views about the international flower trade (I agree with you wholeheartedly). I hope it doesn’t affect your sales as I’ve only heard good things from other people (maybe it’s also because your name isn’t Sara Raven!?

      • I get sent all the reviews by the publishers. ;0 Yes I did pick up on that too. One aspect of the book was to try to show people the impact of their flower buying but I was aware I didn’t want it to be too ranty. I had hoped I’d struck the right balance. I was a bit frustrated with the comment about growing small quantities not being practical. I think she had missed the point that my book was aimed at the amateur grower who wants lots of variety rather than half a bed devoted to just cosmos. She’s a professional flower grower so maybe she didn’t understand the difference if you only have two or three beds rather than an acre or two. I’ve had such fantastic reviews and so many people had said lovely things about it so I can’t complain, but it is hard when you’ve worked so hard on something to read a review which is negative and you can’t understand why. Still you can’t please everyone and I think I need to develop a thicker skin. 😉 I keep meaning to join in the meme but I’m only just managing to keep up with the blog at the moment. I’m hoping August might be a bit quieter and then I’ll do my own vase. 🙂

          • Oh Christina that’s so lovely but it might be best to just leave it. I decided before the book came out to keep a dignified silence in the face of reviews. I think it could be a slippery slope otherwise ;0 Like I said I’ve been very lucky with the reviews I’ve had, much better than I ever imagined, and she’s entitled to her opinion. I do very much appreciate your offer though. 🙂 x

  9. They are so lovely – the Cosmos look enormous! I love that magenta dahlia. Great photos too Christina. This is great practice for us all! 🙂

    • I really enjoy doing this each week, The Cosmos aren’t particularly large, probably the stocks are small! The kitchen has better lighting for the images but a lot of extraneous background.

  10. Beautiful selection, I’m surprised you’re still getting lilies coming along! The cosmos look so nice and fresh, and I agree on the dahlias and glads, I cut nearly all of them since they seem best suited for a vase.

  11. I’m back again. Purple and white are among my favorite color combinations. How wonderful to have those blooms in your yard. You’ve created a magnificent arrangement. Two years ago I had a mass of white cosmos in my garden, self-seeded from a prior year. I gave away the seeds that year for Christmas, along with a hand-made card. I’ve never come close to repeating that success…and really can take no credit for it anyway.

    Nice to muse on your pretty flowers.

    • This is my first year with the Cosmos, usually if this type of plant self seeds it happens too late for a summer long display and of course they’d need to seed where I irrigate which is only in very few of the borders.

      • We’re really spoiled living in the Bay Area with our extended growing season. My first Cosmos appeared around April two years ago and flowered through October. It was unbelievable. At one point they were as tall as I am. I hope they weren’t some genetically modified seeds dropped by a passing bird.

        • The Bay Area benefits from lots of moisture in the form of fog and mist if not actual rain. I think our temperature range isn’t that different although maybe some of our winters are colder than yours. I’m not truely in a Mediterranean climate even though I’m only 40 miles from the the Mediterranean Sea!

          • That’s really interesting. It sounds beautiful.

            Have you also lived in the Bay Area?

            San Jose rarely gets fog because we are so far inland. When I lived in Millbrae we definitely benefited from the misty mornings and the fog off the bay. It rarely got that hot, either.

  12. I actually like the vase of gladiolus, which surprises me, as I’m not a fan of these flowers. You’re allowed, of course, to change your mind and do two! It’s more for us to enjoy! And, look out Lidl, here I come!

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