In a vase on Monday – It stands up!

Monday seems to come around very quickly!  Monday means a vase of flowers picked from our own gardens and arranged to join in with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for her Monday meme.  Do visit to see what others are finding to pick today, the first Monday in August.

Again this week I wanted to have another try with a hand tied bouquet – surely it can’t be that difficult?

Some Dahlias definitely needed to be picked; I am truly amazed at just how many the two Dahlia plants from Lidl have produced.  I’ve also included a few of the Bishop of “?” the question mark because I ordered Bishop of Dover (white) and these are pale pink, but the flower colour looks great with the dark foliage so I don’t mind.  I’ll have to check back to see if they have always been pink; they were planted in the garden, but in spring as soon as the foliage showed through the soil I moved what had been one rhizome to the cuttings bed, it broke down to 6 new plants so very good value.

White and lavender Dahlias in the cuttings bed

White and lavender Dahlias in the cuttings bed



Bishop of (not Dover)

Bishop of (not Dover)

Cosmos Pink sensation are now producing some stronger colours as well as more of the pale pink that have been flowering for a while.  So a PINK arrangement, I often seem to favour mono-tone compositions, it isn’t intentional, it just seems to happen; the borders in the garden are often tones of one shade too.

I concentrated hard to angle the stems so that they would stand up.  This week’s bouquet stands in its square glass vase with no additional support, so I’m very happy.

Look! it's standing upright in the vase with no extra support - success!

Look! it’s standing upright in the vase with no extra support – success!

Cosmos Pink Sensation and Dahlia

Cosmos Pink Sensation and Dahlia


I’ve had sunflowers in the house almost every week since they started flowering in May, this is this week’s vase of Earthwalkers.

Earth Walker sunflowers

Earth Walker sunflowers

Such jolly faces

Such jolly faces

Thanks Cathy for hosting this fun meme.  Without this I wouldn’t have had flowers in the house every week since February.

45 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – It stands up!

  1. Hooray Christina…I think my issue with my vase was it was square and it needed so much fill, but you have solved that. I do miss not having cosmos and that will be remedied next year. They are a must. And I adore sunflowers. My first one opened and I have a picture on the other blog….I have several volunteers that will look grand in a vase soon!

    Like the idea of pebbles for a base to help flowers stand. I am learning so much from this meme!

    • I knew you’d become hooked. Once you start picking from the garden it suddenly doesn’t seem to deplete the flower beds as much as you think it might. I’m very pleased I started a dedicated cutting bed too because I can grow things I wouldn’t be able to in the rest of the garden.

    • I’m sure you’ll be able to manage a hand tied bouquet, you always produce fantastic arrangements, Kris. All the flowers to cut at the moment are large and the sunflowers have heavy heads making them quite difficult to arrange.

  2. My goodness me – I was just mentally preparing my comments about the pink vase when I scrolled further on and ‘WHAM’ the sunflowers hit me in the face! They are as stunning as the field of sunflowers you showed last week – what a gorgeous burnt orange colour, although you say they should be a range of colours? Well done with your success on the hand-tied bunch – it worked well, didn’t it? And I really like the range of pink shades – I know I could easily stick to one colour for each vase, although today I was organising all my vase pictures into months and I found myself surprised by the brightness and contrasts of some of them. Thanks for another enthusuastic contribution 🙂

  3. I love the pink one Christina! The hand-tying is a great idea as I find so often my flowers all flop in the wrong direction. I think you may have convinced me to grow pink cosmos again next year, as I was planning on sticking to the orange ones….The sunflowers are lovely too… isn’t it wonderful having flowers indoors as well as out?! 🙂

    • Yes, I’m amazed at just how much pleasure the flowers indoors are giving me. I like the orange mix of Cosmos you showed, mine were all short and the same orange, do you remember the name of the mix you sowed? The pink ones are now approaching 1.8 metres tall, I suppose all the rain has made them extra tall.

      • Hi Christina. There were two packets – both Thompson & Morgan, Cosmos “Polidor” and Cosmos “Brightness Mixed”. I’ve had the Polidor ones before, which are just orange, and the other pack was mixed shades of red, orange and yellow. 🙂

  4. Bishop of not Dover is a very pretty dahlia. And the hand tie is very impressive… I’ve been practising over and over, but then never come out quite right.

    • As a new convert to Dahlias for cutting I will have to get some more Bishops! Even this hand tie isn’t by any means perfect, but I’m just thrilled it actually stood up, a big improvement on the others I’ve done.

  5. Terrific arrangements Christina and each very different. Congrats on mastering the hand tying technique. The sunflower arrangement is a modern abstract–very eye-catching.

    • I wouldn’t exactly say I’ve mastered the technique but I have more confidence to keep trying. I’m glad you like the sunflowers arranged like that I just wanted something different this week.

      • I tried the hand-tying yesterday with a bunch of zinnias. I was surprised it turned out ok and stood up! Not sure what the significance is of it standing, but the idea of is is fun.

        • The reason it should stand is that florists in the UK make these up, put cellophane around the base and fill it with water so that if you take it as a gift to a hostess she doesn’t have to rush around looking for a vase when you arrive and she is probably in the middle of cooking. It can stand anywhere and be appreciated, the hostess can then put it in a vase when she has time, or even just leave it in the wrapping just adding water as necessary.

  6. Love the pink arrangement and congrats on getting it to stand up! I love the sunflowers but I think I’d prefer a more informal arrangement instead of all lined up like that…. though I hope after saying that you still won’t mind if I steal your gravel idea?

    • I’ve had sunflowers in an informal arrangement since May so I thought I’d try something different this week. I haven’t been showing them every week because they were very much all the same, sunflowers in the blue vase. The stones work well, do try them.

  7. Well done Christina – your hand tied looks so good. This is a great technique to perfect – it helps in arranging your own vases and is lovely to present as a gift. Your sunflowers are stunning! Mine are just starting to flower and I am hoping to have lots for a wedding on 13th September – do you think the plants will keep producing until then – I am not experienced with sunflowers so would love some tips!

    • This is my first year growing sunflowers too, so I’m not an expert. It seems that if you keep cutting more and more flowers develop so a bit like sweet peas in that respect. However the stems get shorter so maybe it is better to cut below the next flower bud rather than leaving it to grow. It is important not to let any flowers set seed, if they are fertile varieties as flowers stop growing once the plant puts its energy into seed. What varieties are you growing as they all seem to be a bit different? If the wedding isn’t for another month I think you will have to work at keeping them in flower.

  8. Hi Christina, two absolutely stunning arrangements today. The hand tied is lovely, all those pretty pinks – love the cosmos, and it’s foliage, and the Bishop is a beauty. Sunflowers – the arrangement is so striking. I wish I could say I had sunflowers but only one seed did well from the sowing in spring, it grew to about 2 feet, but then disaster struck, it got broken during a storm. Thank goodness there’s always next year.

    • Ah! Yes, the gardeners belief that all will be perfect next week, next month or next year. sorry about your sunflowers, I lost one too to the wind, just snapped it right off, it was already quite big too. thanks for your comments Elizabeth.

  9. Che bellissime composizioni! sei una donna dalle mille virtu’… ne scopro sempre delle nuove! Complimenti! non rivevo le risposte, forse devo impostare qualcosa. Al più presto ti darò i margheritoni.

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