In a vase on Monday – Ostrich plumes in shades of mauve

Monday is here again and time to find flowers from our own garden to put in a vase for Cathy at Rambling in the Garden’s In a vase on Monday.

Some different flowers this week mixed in with the Dahlia Magenta Star which is indefatigable in pumping out new blooms.

I sowed Aster Ostrich Plume mixed from Kings seeds on 2nd May, and they have been flowering for only about a week so I would sow them earlier next year.  Sowing early is best for almost everything for me as it is easier to control the temperature in the green house.  Once it gets really hot it is difficult to give bottom heat, which almost all seeds seem to benefit from, and keeping them covered but allowing the light in.  even this year when there was more cloud than usual I had to put the shade netting up by the end of January.  I would add that it is very hard to sow seeds in summer for autumn planting for the same reason and I have resorted to buying most of the winter vegetables as plugs.

The vase in front of the box and newly pruned lavender

The vase in front of the box and newly pruned lavender

Ostrich Plume Asters are another new plant to me and the lovely range of colours that has come from this pack ensure that I will be using them again next year.  The name is appropriate as I can imagine someone attending Ascot or a society wedding with died Ostrich feathers decorating her hat

Lovely pastel shades

Lovely pastel shades

Later today I may be seeing a friend for an aperitivo as it was her birthday this past weekend so I hand tied this bouquet and will be able to give them to her.

Ostrich Plume Asters and Dahlia Magenta Star

Ostrich Plume Asters and Dahlia Magenta Star

Again I photographed the vase outside to give good light so that you can see the colours.


There were also two different shades of pink, one quite strong so a second vase will be made using Cosmos Pink Sensation and C. Purity.

Do pop over to Cathy’s post to see her vase and those of others, or better still why not join in yourself, Cathy always makes everyone welcome.

26 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Ostrich plumes in shades of mauve

  1. Christina I love the colors here and the textures that work so well together…you never cease to amaze me with the variety of flowers you grow. And I can see these blooms on a hat at Ascot! I also love the idea that these flowers will be going to a friend who I am sure will delight in your gift.

    • The Asters were easy from seed so no need to be impressed Kris. The cuttings bed is such a joy as there I have flowers of all kinds and the irrigation is just for this one bed (part of the vegetable garden). I wouldn’t use so much water to irrigate any of the garen borders, in fact most aren’t irrigated at all.

  2. Oh I am so pleased to see the asters – theses are ones I used to grow as a teenager in the 60s so they bring back some early gardening memories…. What beautiful shades these are too – I think I shall add them to my seed list for next year. With or without the dahlias they are gorgeous – your friend will have been thrilled with her gift. Do let us know how long they last in a vase – and thanks for bringing it all back, Christina!

  3. Dahlias and asters – my favourite late summer combination! Stunning colours this week Christina – your cutting garden must be a picture. I hope you had a lovely aperitivo with your lucky friend.

    • Their Latin name is Callistephus chinensis, it is an old variety, grown for cut flowers in Victorian times that are, once again becoming very fashionable. I’m glad I found the seed by chance, I’ll certainly grow them again next year.

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