In a vase on Monday – take 2

In the post earlier today I mentioned that I had a lot of bright pink Ostrich Asters remaining from those I had put in the bouquet for my friend.  Here they are.  A bit frilly pink maybe, I prefer the colours of the others I used this morning but they make a nice arrangement with Cosmos ‘Pink Sensation’, C. Purity and Dahlia a bishop without a name.

P1170320 blog

Cosmos, Ostrich Plume Aster and Dahlia

Cosmos, Ostrich Plume Aster and Dahlia

final position on the glass top table in the dining room

final position on the glass top table in the dining room

Thanks again to Cathy – it’s all your fault, you know!

31 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – take 2

  1. Hey, you’re getting very good at this Christina! I really love the way they are arranged. You are inspiring me to try a bit harder next month! 😉

  2. I humbly accept all blame, Christina! The asters look just as stunning in this vase, but the others take the accolade as the colour is just that bit different. Definitely a winner all round – such gorgeous shades all from the same mix….

  3. Having put potatoes in the area I had cleared for my first cutting garden, the potatoes are now almost all eaten and the earth is bare and unrewarding. I wish I had followed your lead and planted flowers. Next year!

    • The cuttings bed has yielded so many flowers and given me so much pleasure, I can recommend trying it. I’m going to extend mine although then I know I will have far too many flowers but actually that might be better than too much veg which is what I have now!

  4. Stunning! I love the flowers and the beautiful basket weave vase you’ve styled them in. I grew spectacular cosmos a few summers ago, but have yet to gain similar glory. I loved having so many to arrange as you’ve done here.

    Beautifully arranged!

      • It must be some amazing hybrid. I planted Cosmos this year and last from starter plants and they’re about a foot tall. The volunteer crop from a few years ago were huge and prolific. It was such a joy having cutting flowers all summer long with absolutely no effort on my part. That year I made cards using the photos and then gave seeds to twenty of my friends. I wish I could do something similar as a blog giveaway but I would have to limit it to the US since there are strictly enforced guidelines for sending seeds outside of the country (as there should be)

  5. Both vases are amazing! The aster blooms are great and the way you put this arrangement together really makes a nice effect. It’s like a cutting garden in the middle if your table!
    I found a source of aster seed and might give these a try next year if I can remember.
    I do like the blue shades a little more, but they’re all beautiful 🙂

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