In a Vase on Monday – White froth

Monday is the day to pick flowers from the garden and fill a vase and to join Cathy at Rambling in the garden for her weekly meme.  Last week’s little glass bottles of flowers lasted very well; it was only yesterday that they began to look sad and past their best, proving to me that flowers last much better in a vase in water than when I use Oasis foam.

I noticed last week that Aster ‘Monte Cassino’ had begun to open its tiny white buds to produce a frothy mass of loveliness and was hoping there might be enough white flowers around to produce a purely white vase, but I don’t have enough white flowers to pick (note to self – must have more white flowers!), the Cosmos white sensation having turned to seed heads where I haven’t picked enough.  Dead-heading is a job I haven’t been doing well enough and must improve on next year.  So I’m afraid it’s back to old faithful in the form of Dahlia Magenta Star .  The plant is falling over with the weight of all its stems and flowers and again is something I need to support very much better next year.

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Dahlia Magenta Star, Aster 'Monchì, Cosmos Purity and Aster' Monte Cassino'

Dahlia Magenta Star, Aster ‘Monchì, Cosmos Purity and Aster’ Monte Cassino’

P1130286 blog

Delicate and lovely Aster (Symphyotrichum) 'Monte Cassino'

Delicate and lovely Aster (Symphyotrichum) ‘Monte Cassino’

I used the rectangular glass vase with pebbles to support the flowers.  I can’t say I find the pebbles particularly easy to use as support but I like the finished result as the pebbles are beautifully coloured and all different shapes so even the base of the vase has its own fascination.

The vase stands on the mantelpiece in the sitting room

The vase stands on the mantelpiece in the sitting room

I find the Dahlias quite visually heavy in this arrangement but the Asters didn’t make enough of an impact on their own.  Do pop over to Cathy to see what flowers others have picked.

48 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – White froth

    • Thanks Marion, that fits with my character, eg I love old houses but with modern furniture. I’ve found this vase difficult in the past I must try to use it more, I also have another of a similar shape but taller, maybe that would help support the taller flowers?

  1. I like the idea of that rectangular vase too – and thinking about I am sure I have something similar tucked away that once had a candle in it…. Most of my new car boot vases are together in one place but perhaps I need to gather all the other potential vases together too! This vase works really well with the asters trailing down in front as well as spreading to the side, whereas the other asters are the perfect colour bridge between theses and the dahlias. Lovely indeed, Christina 🙂

  2. I just bought some of those white asters yesterday and now I know I did the right thing (except I should have gotten more). This is the time of year when we tell ourselves all of the things we will do better next year. One of these years I may even act on that. I love your arrangement.

    • Yes, very true! My excuse is that the cuttings border was new with plants I hadn’t grown before and didn’t know what to expect. cosmos seed packets quoted 90 cm hight mine are well over 2 metres, and the dahlia was staked but it grew stronger and taller than its stake! The white Dahlia is still being held up my its stake so it is difficult to know. But will I remember everything next year?

  3. Oh yes, those little white asters are so pretty! I like the shape of this arrangement too Christina. And I don’t think the dahlias are too heavy at all, but really emphasise the shape of the vase. The colour goes beautifully with the other asters too.

    • I suppose the cosmos act as an in between size for the Dahlias and Asters; Interestingly the colour of Magenta Star seems to go quite well with a number of other colours, I am surprised that it also works well with various shades of pink.

  4. I love this Christina – the dahlias do dominate but their supporting cast is so light and airy it doesn’t matter. I also like your idea of using pebbles to support the flowers – I will have to try that. I rarely use oasis with summer flowers – it always dries out to quickly and I prefer the natural look of flowers in a vase.

  5. Lovely! The dahlias are an amazing colour, and they are balanced beautifully, by the frothy asters. I particularly like the white “Monte Casino”, especially when it trails over the edge of the vase. I have a similar vase, and a taller version, too. I love their simplicity, and the fact that they don’t detract from the beauty of the floral contents. Invisible support!

  6. I really love this one Christina! It has a strong, contemporary feel, very geometric. I like that slightly diagonal line of the dahlias and the way you placed the paler lavender asters lifts the dahlias and balances them very well. The masses of white flowers are all perfectly placed too.

    • I don’t think my placements were quite as well considered as you imply, but it sounds good that way. I really just go by how it looks as I’m going along. I The heavy headed Dahlias were difficult to keep in position as I was working. I’m glad you liked the finished vase.

        • I like it that you give advice and also concise real praise. In that way I will learn, there aren’t any classes here I could join so I really value your comments, next time I will consider all the placements. It has been fun, I’m sure I wouldn’t have done so many arrangements if it hadn’t been for the meme.

  7. What a beautiful arrangement, I understand what you’re saying about the dahlias feeling heavy but I think they work amongst the lighter flowers.
    Personally I prefer the non-oasis arrangements over the more stiff ones with the foam…. This is one of my favorites!

  8. Oh that’s a most soothing vase to the eyes Christina. I’m not familiar with aster ‘Monte Cassino’ and am off to see whether it has a trailing habit or whether that impression has been created by the way you arranged the flowers. I like the clouds of small white flowers.

  9. What a stunning arrangement, Christina! The asters are lovely and I like the frothiness of the white one is delightful and the colour of the dahlias is simply gorgeous. It all works beautifully.

  10. Glorious, Christina, and it just reminds me that Monte Casino is on my wish list. The flowers are so dainty! Really think I have to find a supplier that will send unusual perennials and grasses as it’s so difficult to get them around here.

    • I have exactly the same problem. I have to buy unusual plants either by mail order which isn’t very reliable in Italy or order things from good nurseries that will be at garden fairs, that way I get to see the plants and they will bring things that aren’t actually flowering at that moment.

  11. I really like the shape of the arrangement in the rectangular vase, very effective. I understand what you mean about the dahlias, I too can find them a little heavy in some arrangements, but I still think it all works together beautifully. Perhaps some cerise or pale pink cosmos would help the balance. I too am terrible at supporting my plants – and at dead heading!

    • I didn’t really want to introduce pink into this arrangement, there have been several before with this Dahlia and pink Cosmos. As to support I will at least have a better idea of what is needed next year!

  12. Lovely colour combinations. It’s surprising how many flowers don’t like to be in foam for very long. I don’t use it at all. I’ve been trying out alternatives ways of displaying flowers this summer and autumn for my new book. Dahlias can look a bit heavy. I tend to use them on their own in bud vases or grouped together on short stems in jugs for a real splash of colour. I think your arrangement is lovely though. 🙂

    • I think Dahlias look okay if you get the balance right with other light airy flowers or foliage, as there one of the few things I have with long stems it’s nice to be able to display them that way. I don’t think I’ve tried them just on their own so that’s something new to try.

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