September Evening Light

September is here and the hours of daylight are less, so all the more reason to enjoy the last rays of the sun as it slips away on the horizon. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – More greens please!

Having been away for most of the week (I was taken to the Amalfi coast for my birthday) I returned on Saturday keen to see what flowers had been left standing after a deluge of rain last Monday and strong north winds on Tuesday.  A lot of the Cosmos, which has grown very tall (mostly all over 6 foot 1.8 m) had been knocked over but some judicious but rather late staking meant that there were flowers to pick.  The Dahlia continues to pump out blooms so it would seem churlish not to continue to include them in my vases.  The diverse range of colours made me want to create two arrangements.  Continue reading