In a vase on Monday – the same but different

Some flowers seem to go on and on – I’m not complaining they will be the plants I grow again next year but it does mean that at the moment my vases are tending to be variations on a theme of Dahlia Magenta Star.

Again this week the vase is filled with Dahlia Magenta Star, Aster ‘Monte Cassino’ and Aster Monch but this week including Cosmos Pink Sensation.

Dahlia Magenta Star with Aster Monte Casino

Dahlia Magenta Star with Aster Monte Casino

Cosmos Pink Sensation

Cosmos Pink Sensation

Cosmos Pink Sensation, Aster Monch and Dahlia Magenta Star

Cosmos Pink Sensation, Aster Monch and Dahlia Magenta Star

A new vase, lucky me!

A new vase, lucky me!

I have a new vase!  For my birthday a kind friend bought me a ‘fashion’ watch with plastic strap, a brown face and brown hands that I couldn’t read the time on even in bright light with reading glasses on – not ideal; as she is a very good friend I asked if she would mind if I changed it for something else.  Joy of joys the shop sold all kinds of interesting things including some vases.  Some were rather ornate and not to my taste then I spotted a rather large glass vase that was an interesting waisted-shape that I thought might be a good for holding the flowers in position.  In the shop I didn’t realise just how large it was surrounded as it was with other large objects, I need flowers with long stems for this but this may be good for me as it will make me cut low to gain the required length stem and this will encourage the plants to shoot from lower down and help me to dead-head.  Luckily I decided to arrange this vase in position, fortunate as it held 6 litres of water and I’m not sure I could have carried it as it is so heavy.  Looking at the image above I think I may need to add even more water.

P1130372 blog

Yet again a big thank you to Cathy at Rambling in the garden for thinking up the idea of our finding flowers from our own gardens to put in a vase.  Visit her post to see what others have found in their gardens today.




34 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – the same but different

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Good to know how reliable and long-lasting dahlias can be, yet so versatile in different arrangements. The cosmos fits right in–it’s one of my favorites and I’m kicking myself for not getting any planted this year. The new vase is lovely.

    • I’m learning about Dahlias for the first time. I don’t think they are all so reliable (see my comment to Gardening Jules. I hope the vase will be useful, I’ll have to plant lots of things with long stems!

  2. I absolutely love this arrangement Christina, its frothy and joyous and you are inspiring me to try more with Dahlias (mine have been disappointing this year). I love the vase too, great choice!

    • Thanks Julie, I think the Dahlias are quite variable, the shaggy white one that also came from Lidl looses its petals very quickly and hasn’t produced many flowers, I think I’ll pull it out to free space for something else. I’d love a deep purple one as a contrast to Magenta Star and maybe a deep russet coloured one, do let me know which ones you decide to plant.

      • I am going to try your Dahlia Magenta Star, I have been envious of how many blooms you have achieved, I love the colour too and agree a deep purple one too would be a lovely compliment.

        • I wish I’d counted how many blooms Magenta Star has had. I used it first on 7th July and it has been producing flowers non stop since then. I would like a white Dahlia but I’m just not very pleased with the one I have.

    • I’m not really a watch person, I rarely wear one and have a couple that I really like already and don’t need any more. I’ll be interested to see what you choose.

    • I will need tall flowers so I can see it working for lilies, gladioli, sunflowers (although the neck may be narrow for very many) and possibly grasses for a winter arrangement. I like that it hold lots of water which should help keep the flowers fresh for longer.

  3. Good grief, Christina – 6 litres of water! That really puts it into perspective as it is clearly a whopper, and a gorgeous shape. I am well aware I haven’t used anything with really long stems yet – definitely some fear involved here! You must be really pleased with your end results as it looks really balanced, both in colour and shape. Good recommendation for Magenta Star too!

    • I was attracted to the vase because it has quite a narrow neck and I thought it would help to keep the flowers in the positions I put them, it did to some extent but it would work better with some structural foliage.

  4. I could have made a similar statement about my vase this week – some of the elements are repeats of last week and the color mix certainly is. Your dahlias and asters are worth a repeat showing. It’s a beautiful composition and I love the vase. This weekly exercise has certainly made the point that I need to expand my own vase collection.

    • I probably should have bought a smaller vase but I didn’t like any of the smaller ones. I really love using my little Campari soda bottles and have one in the kitchen now with just Aster ‘Monte Cassini’.

  5. Everytime I visit I gasp at your arrangement…such beauty. I did a side by side with last week’s. Similar and different….I love the addition of the little bit of aster….and that vase really took my breath away.

  6. I love your new vase. Dahlia Magenta Star is on my list for next year and a lovely purple one called Purple Haze. And maybe a few pinks and as you say terracotta would be good too. The cosmos are brilliant for picking and go on and on.
    Your arrangement is so pretty.

    • Thanks for the recommendation for D. Purple Haze, I’m just off to look at it. Julie gave the name of her supplier for Dahlias, I had a very quick look – there are so many to choose from, I will have to show great restraint (not something I’m very good at!

  7. The new vase is a nice one! I can’t believe how big it is though, without something for reference I would have guessed no more than one liter!
    The dahlias and cosmos are working well for you, I really do like the combo with the asters, loved it last week, still love it this week 🙂

    • The arrangement at least does feel different with the addition of pink Cosmos this week. I need to plant some more toning and contrasting flowers to use with the Dahlia next year (assuming it survives the winter) so that I can use the same plants but they will appear different.

  8. Very pretty Christina! Your vase is wonderful, and having a heavy vase that can’t be knocked over and can also stand outside is invaluable. I agree and think you should make the most of all those gorgeous pinks and mauves while they last. I love the cosmos pink sensation, and your little white aster looks like the wild one I added to my vase but forgot to mention!

  9. I just love, love, love your arrangement! The color and flower shape composition is so harmonious and well balanced. Your new vase is a killer! When you wrote about how much water it holds I realized that it must be much bigger than it initially appeared to me on the photos. Job well done!

  10. Love the vase! It creates a beautiful arrangement. As you say, it supports the stems, and the base balances the flowers. The clear glass in no way detracts from the beauty of the flowers. A gorgeous shape – oh, and gorgeous flowers, too!

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