31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – morning light in October

  1. Lovely photos! Your garden has a dreamy feel in the soft October light and you captured it beautifully! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Your October light is beautiful, we started with rain, then a little sunshine now rain again. Is that Pennisetum villosum? I saw lots in the borders at Wimpole Hall and would like to try it here, I know it will be tender for me but it looks wonderful with your Rose.

    • Yes, it is Pennisetum vilosum, you might find it will seed around for you. Or lift and divide the plant and put part of it in a frost free place. Mine dies back to the ground every winter.

  3. You are an artist with plant combinations, and the gentle October morning brings out the colors so well. The grasses are gorgeous!

    Thanks for your comment on my post. You asked about bluebirds and the color blue. I once read that bluebirds are attracted to the color blue, so I painted the bluebird house that color. Bluebirds have nested in the house every year since then. I guess it works!

    • Hi Debbie, that is interesting about the bluebirds; I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one before but they are so often mentioned that I imagined I had seen them lots of times. All the Miscanthus are looking wonderful this year, they need more water than I usually give them; this year they are showing me what they could look like if I irrigated more – which makes me think that I have to make a decision about the kind of garden I truely want.

    • Autumn is always lovely; only the first week of September is often not very good (just when Chloris from The blooming garden came to visit). This year is even better because of all the earlier rain.

  4. I grow lots of this pennisetum, but it hardly ever flowers well only producing a couple of flowers a season. They seem to be as big as yours so I don’t think it is size or age maybe a matter of conditions. I presume yours are in pretty well drained areas etc. A little advise would be great…. 🙂

    • Mine flower quite late too and every spring I think they might be dead as they come into growth quite late too. Yes, all my soil is free draining but I think they need a reasonable amount of sun, those in part shade are even later to flower. Hope that helps.

  5. Beautiful. Not to come across as a thief, but I love the look of gravel and want to steal that idea, plus see if I can grow the pennisetum as an annual, it’s everything I look for in a cute, airy, grass!

    • I think the Pennisetum is worth a try as an annual, although I think you’ll have to buy in small plants. It might set seed for you, you never know. I love gravel, and of course you’re not a thief!

  6. Hi Christina,
    October light really has something special. I love that soft golden glow. It makes a great set for orange, yellow and peach flowers and fruits. A great rose for autumn is Safrano, try it near your grasses! A great choice for autumn and winter show is Malus Evereste, too. Tiny red-orange apples hanging on the nude branches till late in the winter. Lovely, like all your garden.

    • I have Malus Everest, they fruits stay on the branches even past the flowering time of the following year. Roses really don’t do well in my soil, I am considering removing some that I already have and wouldn’t plant any more, but other readers may find your recommendation useful, thank you.

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