In a vase on Monday – One for me, one for you

Time has rushed by today and I have to get ready to go to a good friend’s birthday aperitivo.  Of course this required a hand tied bouquet to take to her along with a sticky squidgy chocolate cake which was actually her recipe.

For Lidia’s bouquet: Dahlia Magenta Star (obligatory to use these flowers), yellow annual Dahlias, White Asters and Aster ‘The Prince’, Canna leaves and a couple of dark Antirrhinums.

Happily standing up in its cellophane wrapper

Happily standing up in its cellophane wrapper

I'm pleased with the soft outline of this

I’m pleased with the soft outline of this


Bees love the Cosmos

Bees love the Cosmos

A couple of views of the cuttings bed, Dahlia Magenta Star is sprawling across the bed but still continues to produce a mass of flowers I picked as many as possible today and dead-headed those that were fully open or past their best.


The proverbial riot of colour

The proverbial riot of colour

A common blue on an Annual Dahlia

A common blue on an Annual Dahlia

The cuttings bed is a magnet for bees and butterflies so would be worthwhile on those grounds alone.

Outline form with Canna leaves and Miscanthus

Outline form with Canna leaves and Miscanthus

P1130426 P1130427 P1130428 P1130430 blog P1130429 blog P1130423

I used mostly the same flowers with the addition of lots of Cosmos Pink Sensation and grasses, Miscanthus and Pennisetum villosum

I’m linking to Cathy’s meme, where she asks us to fill a vase with flowers from our own gardens.  Do visit Rambling in the Garden to see what she has created today and what others have found in their gardens, better still why not join in yourself. thanks Cathy and now I really must run!

25 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – One for me, one for you

  1. Christina both are stunning as is your cutting bed with bees and butterflies. But I think I love the second vase a bit more with all the cosmos and grasses…so light and fluffy, yet elegant and formal too. You really have a magnificent gift Christina for arranging flowers.

    • Thank you Donna. I don’t usually have much of a plan, just put the flowers in and see how they look. I think the hand tied bouquet looks better in life than it does in the photographs.

  2. Yes, a good reason for rushing – hope you enjoyed your visit! You must be thrilled with the bouquet and the vase – don’t they look professional? And wow – your cutting beds! I remember a photo when they were empty and it doesn’t seem very long ago!! Well done you, for a great growing year and a lovely series of vases throughout 🙂

    • The cuttings bed is such a success, I would never have believed it could have produced so many flowers. I have lots of plans for next year already. Being better at dead-heading is one of course and better staking. I sometimes look at the vases and can’t believe I did them.

  3. I’m so impressed by the output of your flower beds, Christina! I hope your friend appreciated her hand-tied bouquet (and her cake!) – I love the airy quality of both her bouquet and yours.

    • I’m surprised and pleased with the number of flowers it is possible to grow in quite a small space. Some things are actually much too close together but it was a question of trying to cram in everything I’d grown.

  4. It looks like summer still, both in the cutting beds and in your bouquets! The lucky birthday girl will surely love her flowers. I love your arrangement in that vase even more though. It just looks incredible Christina! Really beautiful!

    • Thanks Cathy; it is difficult to over estimate how much pleasure having flowers in the house has given me this year. The next few months are going to prove challenging as there aren’t so many winter flowers here. Even Viburnum tinus which flowers for most of the winter in more northerly climes only usually begins flowering in spring here.

  5. Thats such a lovely personal gift, far better than a shop bought bouquet. Your cutting beds are still a source of envy for me and what an added bonus for bees and butterflies.

    • I’m only sorry I didn’t begin the cuttings bed when I first moved here; it was always something I wanted to try but was unsure of how well it would do in my climate. It will be interesting to see next year if I have to water the flowers more than the vegetables to get the same results of this wet year.

  6. Your two arrangements are beautiful. You must be so pleased with your Cosmos, your plants are twice the size of mine.
    I love the romantic feel of the Cosmos, Pennisetum, Asters and Dahlia. Beautifully done.

    • The Cosmos are embarrassingly tall! They must be well over 2 metres, I think I should have cut them back more earlier on even if that meant loosing some flowers, a strong wind will blow them over, some stems are already bent over (but that gives the added interest of flowers that are at different angles so actually quite useful in the vase.

  7. You’ve certainly mastered the hand tied bouquet technique. Your friend must have been thrilled. I enjoyed seeing the outline form of the second vase. That arrangement is so interesting–seems perfectly devised.

    • I know what you mean, I was almost tempted to leave it at that stage but I’d already cut and conditioned all the rest of the flowers; I’m sure soon, when there are fewer flowers around I’ll be very happy to try something minimalist.

    • I’ve already started planting spring flowers; wallflowers and Sweet William in another bed and I am planning to continue to use that bed for annuals for the summer and plant more perennials and Dahlias in the other bed. The only difficult part is to have colours that work well together in a vase with variety so the vases don’t always look the same. I think Chelsea chopping some things might help and more importantly keeping on top of dead heading.

  8. Wow! eccolo qui il mio meraviglioso bouquetercolinosempreinpiedi!!! 🙂 poi ti spiego, Christina
    Oltre ada essere molto bello è durato quasi una settimana! di nuovo grazie del pensiero gentilissimo! 🙂

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