The Slope on Thursday – Early November rain and sun

Before I show you the slope, here’s a weather report to update you on the situation in Lazio.  Last week, as I think I mentioned was COLD; time for warmer duvets and a warm fleece for the garden and slippers for walking on the cool tiled floors.  But the weekend it was all change, I awoke to bright warm sunshine, warm enough for breakfast and lunch outside and to still be grateful for the remaining foliage on the wisteria to provide shade.  Time, also to enjoy a walk by Lake Bolsena  

This week each day has been worse than the one before.  I took the images for today’s post yesterday (Wednesday) because the forecast for today was so bad I thought it would be impossible to go outside, and I was correct, it is dreadful – dark, heavy cloud and heavy rain.  I dashed out between heavy thundery showers to take the photographs when there was some weak sun; the wind was coming from the south and felt surprisingly warm (much warmer than the wind last week from the north) and as usual when the wind is from the south there was the smell of cows.  There is a cowshed quite a way off but when the wind comes from the south I can always smell it.

The usual view

The usual view

You can see from one image to the next how the clouds were scudding across the sky; they were all taken within minutes of each other but the light is different in almost every one.


Can you believe this? lots of colour on the Persimmon

Can you believe this? lots of colour on the Persimmon



Even regale lily  has some lovely colour

Even regale lily has some lovely colour

Looking up by the side of the drive

Looking up by the side of the drive, from just in front of the cypress near the rosemary


Looking directly up the slope from just right of the Cypress.

the rain this year has made all trees and shrubs grow enormously

The rain this year has made all trees and shrubs grow enormously

Everything seems to be leaning to the left because it is!  The wind was blowing very strongly, moving all the foliage and branches.  The Melia (the largest tree hasn’t even begun to change colour or lose its leaves yet.

Do you experience dramatic changes in the weather from one day to the next where you live?  When I moved to Italy I thought it wouldn’t be like that here, but it is!


42 thoughts on “The Slope on Thursday – Early November rain and sun

  1. We’ve had the same abrupt change in weather. While the mornings were cool in October, from midday on we were in shorts and sandals nearly every day, with temps in the upper 20’s. On Saturday, we had friends over for lunch out on the south-facing covered porch and, because it was so hot and the sun so low and strong, we had to get out the sun umbrella and hang a curtain. Even then, it was too hot, so after lunch (paella, yum!) we moved to the shady northern porch for coffee. In November! Amazing!

    Everything changed on Monday when the rains came, and by Tuesday my boys were wearing their ski jackets to school in the morning with temps around 3-5º. And, as Murphy’s Law would have it, now that the cold weather has come and the heat should be kicking on in the evenings, the hot water heater is on the fritz. Again. So, no heat and not hot water. Lovely.

  2. We have had a lot of wind in South Carolina, with a couple of cold fronts blowing in from the northwest. The leaves had just started to show their colors but were blown away before we could enjoy them. Surprisingly, we had snow on November 1, the earliest on record.

    Stay snug and safe!

  3. Now I see what you mean about the Panicum – lovely in autumn. Your sky looks quite dramatic and the light is wonderful! There is a great colour contrast now in your slope, with the golds and silvers mingling. We are fairly “land-locked” so mostly know what weather is heading our way some time before, but thunderstorms that form locally always surprise us.

    • The sunset on Monday was incredible with huge black rounded clouds forming on the horizon so I knew that it would rain on Tuesday even though the forecast hadn’t predicted it.

  4. I love that Persimmon Christina. It does have great color. When Marian was getting snow we had a frigid blast of air, then it warmed up nicely again. Today is gray with some rain and colder weather coming for the weekend. Changing leaves are just beginning to peak around here.

    • Weather is so interesting isn’t it? Even quite locally it can be so different. The wind yesterday that was so warm today has only moved around a little but is much colder.

  5. It’s turned really cold here, and we’ve had our first frosts. We braved outside last night to view the fireworks, huddled round the chiminea with mugs of hot soup! Lovely shots there. I’m often amazed at how colour, at this time year, can come from some unexpected areas, and not just trees and shrubs.

  6. In Texas the saying goes, if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute and it will change. A Blue Norther can blow in and drop the temperature 40 degrees in minutes. The next day warm wet air can blow from the Gulf. On the Gulf Coast we can have epic rains of 40 inches in one event and freezes that shut down the city. Not to mention hurricanes that clear structures on the barrier islands. Otherwise, we are usually warm and humid with the AC on at Christmas. Summer clothes are never put away!

  7. You do have some lovely colours in your garden, but those dark clouds look ominous.
    We haven’t had frost yet in our garden, but a few miles inland they have already been scraping ice off their cars in the morning. It has certainly turned colder – I saw the road gritters out for the first time the other day.

  8. I love how you have captured the movement in your photos, Christina – and the colours just emphasise how wet it has been for you recently and make your garden look refreshed.Temps here dipped below freezing last night for the first time this season but have risen gradually during the day as we are forecast rain for the next few days.

    • I’m not sure “captured” is the word, I was just trying to keep things in focus even though they were moving. We have more rain forecast for tomorrow but it should clear a little for the weekend.

  9. Our rainy days are like that too – dark and dreary one moment with shafts of sunlight the next. I hope your skies clear soon. Last week here in Southern California, I thought fall had finally arrived but it’s heated up again with temperatures expected to hit 90F (32C) today and humidity back down near zero, even as close to the coast as we are.

    • Zero humidity!? I don’t think I’ve ever been anywhere like that. Our temperatures this week are struggling to reach 20°C. 32 is a very pleasant temperature to be outside enjoy.

  10. I love the smell of cows, for me its a very reassuring smell, not sure if thats old childhood memories or thinking of the improvement to my soil with the wonderful manure! We had our first proper frost last night minus 2 but early this evening it is was up to 10, a bit of change to last weeks 24c at Kew.

  11. Your wild and changeable weather sounds very familiar Christina, I was awake in the night listening to the wind howl around the house and the rain lash down, but it is still surprisingly warm, and on Wednesday we had a lovely walk in warm sunshine on a local beach and wildlife reserve. Now, suddenly, it is still again with a hint of fog. Your slope suddenly seems to have changed in character, no longer looking like late summer. Wonderful to still get the occasional lunch outside in the shade of that wisteria though.

    • Meals outside are to be fully enjoyed when it is clear there won’t be many more until next year. You’re right that the slope now looks different but it is difficult to understand why as many plants individually look just the same as they did before.

      • Strange, isn’t it, how suddenly the garden seems to change phase without there being any large, obvious change to the individual plants. Maybe part of it is the context, the weather and light? Certainly my front garden has suddenly made the transition, to the extent that it is slightly disconcerting that the anthemis is still flowering its socks off.

        • As we have all been writing about recently I think light is everything! I actually really dislike the light here in summer, it is very unforgiving with its stark light and shade, I almost don’t want to go outside and it isn’t just the heat. Dawn and dusk, spring autumn and even winter are different from each other but each is lovely in its way.

  12. Lovely colours on your Persimmon, mine is just starting to change colour. I hope I don’t miss the colour change as I will be away for a week. The weather changes very rapidly here. We were just going to put the table away and then we had lunch outside yesterday. At the moment it is sunshine, rain and wind in quick succession. Amelia

    • I think France has had better weather than Italy this year. We always leave the table out as if we are lucky there are always a few days even in winter when we can eat outside.

  13. I enjoyed seeing how some of your plants are colouring up. I think I will have to plant for that as most of the native plants don’t seem to change colour much here in the low desert! I can’t help noticing your regal lily; do you have to give it extra water there in Lazio?

  14. I thought everything was leaning because of wind…the weather changes here on a dime so to speak. We had sun, rain and cold temps in the 30s…then it changed to snow and tonight the first freezing temps. Many days it has been in the 40s with sun, wind, clouds, rain t=and then sun again.

  15. Those grasses, the regal lily and the Persimmon are superb, Christina. I think we’ve had the same kind of weather as you. Heating on for the first time on Thursday night! But still not down below 3.3 degrees C. Lots of rain to dampen the autumn flowers, then a glorious weekend last weekend when it felt like summer again. The sun is fighting to come through the mist this Saturday morning.

  16. We have the smell of cows whenever the farmer next door does his muck spreading, one of the joys of living in the countryside! Our weather has turned cooler but with a lot of rain. Today as well as the rain we are having gales which are whipping the leaves off the trees, hopefully tomorrow will give us a chance to sweep some of them up.

  17. It’s been an odd autumn over here. Very mild, into double figures, for most of the time with lots of rain and then very clear nights where I’ve been convinced we’d get a frost but still nothing. They’ve had the first snow in Snowdonia though – a reminder winter isn’t far away. I guess the fluctuations in weather, here and in Italy are inevitable as we move from one season to another. 😉

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