29 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Autumn colour in the vineyards

    • Excellent question Pauline. It was just what I wanted to know. Yes, the red coloured leaves were a red grape, Aglianico it is made into Taurasi, delicious red wine, the yellow are either Greco di tuffo or Fiano di Avellino.

    • I’d never seen anything like this before either. The images were taken near Avellino, Campania which is a 4 hour journey from here. I’d never visited at thus time of year before.

  1. In my experience (here in Belgium) it’s been a sensational autumn for colours. My theory is that it’s the combination of higher than average temperatures, certainly in October, and the lack of wind, so the leaves have stayed on the trees for longer. But I may be wrong. Any thoughts?

    • You are partly correct Denzil; autumn colour depends a lot on the difference between daytime and night time temperatures; the greater the difference the better the colours. Lack of wind certainly helps too although we’ve had very strong winds but many leaves are staying on the trees.

  2. Lovely photos Christina. I was going to ask about the different leaf colours, but you’ve already answered that one! How was the wine – as good as the autumnal colours?

    • The wine was delicious Sarah, We went to Fuedi di San Gregorio for lunch in their restaurant which won a Michelin star in 2009 (I’m not sure if it still holds it but it deserves to, the food was wonderful) we tasted different wines with each course of the tasting menu and they were all superb; we came home with a few bottles to enjoy at home too.

  3. When I chose the vine for our pergola I chose one (Vitis “Brant”) for its autumn colour. But to see all that colour, en masse, is magnificent. So many different shades, too, which has surprised me. Quite a spectacle! And it sounds like my kind of trip! 😉

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