In a vase on Monday – in the pink!

Monday is here again and time to fill a vase with flowers from the garden for Cathy at Rambling in the garden’s meme.  Cathy is away but her dedication is amazing and she has filled a vase with pickings from the garden of where she is staying.

For the last few weeks I have been afraid that I wouldn’t find anything to pick the following week and last week I felt sure I wouldn’t, but yet again when I really searched it was surprising how many different blooms there were to pick.

The cuttings bed really is on its final few plants now; there were a few blooms on Cosmos Pink Sensation but once I’d picked what you see in the vase I pulled the plants out so there will definitely be no more of those now.  The only plants that are putting up more and more flower spikes are the Antirrhinum; in today’s vase there are yellow, white and one crimson, so the most so far, not bad for November.  I already have some pricked-out seedlings for next year but as they seem very tolerant of the cold I should probably try to sow more in spring to have some to pick in early winter next year.

Cosmos Pink Sensation

Cosmos Pink Sensation

Antirrhinum, Salvia and Cosmos

Antirrhinum, Salvia and Cosmos

Cosmos Pink Sensation still looks remarkably fresh

Cosmos Pink Sensation still looks remarkably fresh

When taking photographs for my post about the slope on Thursday I noticed that the Salvia at the top of the slope was full of colour but somehow the small flowers didn’t show up well in any of the photographs so it was well worth my picking a few stems to enjoy inside.

I needed to take the vase outside to photograph

I needed to take the vase outside to photograph

Another Salvia that is flowering more this year than ever before is S. Indigo Spires, so I picked 5 stems of this to add some dark blue accents to vase.  The plant has also produced more material from which to take cuttings, there are several pots now in the greenhouse for winter protection that will be planted out in very early spring.

I don't think I've used this jug before but it seemed just right for these mixed colours today

I don’t think I’ve used this jug before but it seemed just right for these mixed colours today

For some perfume and foliage I included 3 stems of Elaeagnus which is filling the garden with its wonderful sweet perfume and attracting bees into the garden.

What’s flowering in your garden that would look nice in a vase indoors?  Why not join in this very addictive meme and pop over to Cathy’s to see what everybody else has found.

39 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – in the pink!

  1. Your creamy white Antirrhinums look beautiful Christina, I love the combinations and the jug you have chosen. The heady scent of Elaeagnus is one of my favourites, we have one that has been understatedly flowering since late August this year, not normally until much later.

    • My Elaeagnus has been flowering for a while too, maybe early September, it seems to go on and on. I want to look for the one that has very silvery leaves but it is always difficult to find the better varieties here.

  2. I completely agree with Linda about its Non-November appearance, Christina! Isn’t it wonderful to be still picking like this? Have you looked back at your vases from last winter to remind yourself what you found to pick then? My cosmos have had enough too, but I will leave them standing a little longer to try and collect some seeds. I have bought some antirrhinum seeds and will try as bit of bottom heat when I sow them which I think I will leave till Feb now – yours look so lovely with the cosmos and those pretty spires of salvia. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Another pretty vase, Christina! Your ‘Indigo Spires’ are much like my ‘Mystic Spires,’ although I’ve cut those back now in hopes of getting another flush of bloom in a month or so. I also like to include something with a little bit of fragrance in my vases if I can rustle it up. I’m unfamiliar with Elaeagnus but just looked it up and found that there are a few varieties suitable to my zone – I’ll have to look into their water requirements.

    • All the Elaeagnus have very scented, usually small, insignificant flowers. Flowering in winter makes this one especially valuable to me. Mine has needed no extra irrigation once it was established.

    • Salvias are such a varied species with a large number of different colours and forms; S. Indigo Spires is worth searching out. It grows well from cuttings once you have one plant you can increase it easily.

  4. You would never guess that it’s November by looking at your vase. I love the pretty mix of colours and the foliage you’ve managed to find in your garden. My salvias have all finished flowering now and the snapdragons are almost done. Elaeagnus is now on my wish list.

  5. At other times it’s hard to pluck things from the garden for fear of compromising the display. These days, any little thing that presents itself is fair game for indoor pleasure. You are having much better luck finding flowers. Here, the rain and the freeze have taken their toll.

  6. Your vase sings of summer Christina and not just a few days removed from December. I first came across the scent of eleagnus flowers on holiday in France and was amazed how such a little flower packs so much punch scent wise.

  7. Such a pretty vase Christina! I am really surprised that you still have Antirrhinums flowering – mine gave up back in September. I think I may try a second later sowing this year to see if I can get some younger plants to flower later in the season.

    • I sowed mine on 14th April from a very cheap (29 cents) pack of seed from Lidl, They seem to need a long growing season because really they have only just started producing large quantities of flowers, but they were rather overshadowed (literally) by other plants. I already have seedlings growing for next year, more from the cheap packet and some tall white from Sarah Raven.

  8. Deep sigh! That did my soul good Christina! All those lovely colours and I do like salvia. I really must try and grow some more next year. You’ve got a lovely spot for taking photgraphs too. 🙂

    • I underestimate the value of Salvia, it does need some summer water to do really well but once established the more twiggy varieties seem to cope well and they do flower for a very long time, I will look for some others next year too..

  9. A lovely, summery vase for November. I love the Antirrhinums. I must grow some next year. Your Cosmos has done stirling work all summer. I am surprised that your Eleagnus is still in bloom. It has the most wonderful fragrance doesn’ t it?

    • This year the Elaeagnus is going on and on, but I do think of it as a winter flowering shrub, I remember the first time I recognised the shrub flowering at Cliveden and it was definitely winter.

  10. Lovely vase and amazing you still have so many flowers. I love Antirrhinums – I think it stems from my childhood when we played ‘bunnies’ with the flower heads. I always get jealous when I hear of Eleagnus flowers. Mine (Maculata) has never flowered to my knowledge but though mature is in a very shady spot. I have a newer one in a sunny position – maybe that will surprise me.

    • I used to do that too, much to the dismay of my father, the gardener of the family. Sorry about your Elaeagnus, the flowers are very small and insignificant but the perfume is divine.

  11. A very pretty vase and flowers, with a very summery colour scheme still. Nothing like that in our garden, I’m sad to say – must make do with leaves and grasses! Our Elaeagnus “Limelight”, despite its years has been very poor in the flowering stakes. It has flowered in the past, but only sparsely, and with its scent very fleeting. I keep hoping! Thankfully, our E. angustifolias make up for it, but not at this time of year.

    • No, Donna there aren’t any more flowers in the cuttings bed apart from the orange Cosmos which is way past its best. I really don’t know what I will put in the vase on Monday.

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