9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Fruits and berries

  1. Will the birds have these Christina? Oh and for some reason I couldn’t see tags on the actual post but they were visible on my email notification – don’t know if that’s always the case but I just noticed it today.

    • thanks for the info on the tags, just a WordPress glitch I suspect. The birds don’t usually touch the Nandina berries and the crab apples usually stay on the tree until it blossoms next year, but this year there has been some interest from the birds so maybe they have at last decided that they are edible.

  2. Your beds have such a nice sense of depth to them, love all the views! I see your pictures at this time of year and it really reminds me I need some more berries in my own garden.

    • I don’t have as many berries as I’d like but this year there are more than usual. The saying is if there are a lot of berries it means it will be a cold winter, I think it probably means there was a lot of flowers so that means it was quite wet here this year and it was and IS!

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