In a vase on Monday – still some surprises

It is the first of December but if you walked around my garden today you would be forgiven for thinking that it was spring.  The temperatures in the last week have risen considerable to those of only a few weeks ago.  Last night the minimum temperature was 15°C, and that was the daytime high a couple of weeks ago, during the day we are back to the low 20’s°C.  So what can I find to put in a vase this Monday from my garden for Cathy?

As I walked around very unsure of what I would find to pick I noticed that my Miscanthus have new growth that should begin in March or April and that the Perovskia in the formal beds have their new buds about to sprout.  Then a big surprise I noticed that the Choisya ternata is covered in about to open flowers.  The plant has already had its usual small flowering for autumn, this is the SPRING flowering I’m sure – what will happen if the weather is as cold as we are promised at the end of the week?

The vase (basket) on the new sideboard

The vase (basket) on the new sideboard

As they may get frosted at the end of the week 5 stems of Choisya ternata were duly picked, followed by some orange Cosmos that refuse to die (I have sworn not to plant this variety next year, I feel that are trying to make me change my mind).

Orange Cosmos, Chiosya ternata,

Orange Cosmos, Chiosya ternata,

Orange Cosmos, Chiosya ternata, and Anthirrhinum

Orange Cosmos, Chiosya ternata, and Anthirrhinum

I  re-used the Elaeagnus from last week

I re-used the Elaeagnus from last week

Salvia 'Indigo Spires' makes another appearance this week

Salvia ‘Indigo Spires’ makes another appearance this week

Salvia ‘Indigo Spires has never been known to flower in December before, and better still is producing some suitable material for cuttings.

So I wasn’t forced into using only foliage this week; will my luck hold for another week?  I doubt it.

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for encouraging us to pick something from our own gardens every Monday, do visit to see her vase this week (she has roses) and what other have come up with.

29 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – still some surprises

  1. It seems that my internet connection is spotty here on Cyber-Monday but perhaps this message will reach you. I love this cheery arrangement and I think the orange Cosmos definitely deserve planting in your garden next year – in fact, I may plant some in my garden. The basket is a nice foil too.

    • I will be planting some orange toned Cosmos but I hope the seeds I have purchased will give taller stems than the ones I have this year. I was really surprised to find so many flowers today.

    • Thanks Susie and I’m glad you have enjoyed producing vases all of this year. I only managed a couple in December last year, partly because I was away for a couple of weeks. We’ll have to see what there is in the garden through winter, I’m sure we’ll find interesting things and we’ll spark ideas off one another; which is one reason I enjoy this meme so much.

  2. Oh my Christina – what other surprises will here be this ‘winter’? You must be thrilled with what you found for today’s vase – and I had to smile at the cosmos! The choisya is gorgeous – it is sweet smelling, isn’t it? The pleasure get from your Monday posts shines through every week! 🙂

    • Yes, you’re right I think I only needed your meme to really get me going with picking for a vase every week. The buds on the Choisya are only just opening so not much perfume yet. The foliage doesn’t smell so good, a bit like cats!

  3. I’m already resorting to dry material, so it is heartening to see your colorful basket of goodies. Those Cosmos are making a pretty good case for themselves, don’t you think?

    • My reply to Kris answers the orange Cosmos question, but you’re right, if these hadn’t self seeded and grown after I pulled the parents out I would have nothing at all in the cutting bed. It tells me I will need to succession sow next year, not something I’m very good at carrying out!

  4. Those orange cosmos are resilient little flowers, but I bet you’re glad now that they hung on for your vase! They do add a touch of summer and I hope the “orange” Chiosya flowers smell nice too.

  5. Quite lovely, Christina! The orange and purple flowers in a basket make me think “springtime” rather than December! I do hope you don’t lose buds to the coming cold; unsettled weather can be such a headache in the garden.

    • Yesterday (Tuesday) was like a wonderful spring day – much too warm for the time of year but there is nothing I can do about it so I just enjoyed working in the garden knowing that I might not have many more opportunities as rain is forecast. I’m glad you enjoyed the vase.

  6. What an amazing collection of flowers for December Christina.! It is hard to believe that you still have cosmos. The only flowers I can share with you are the choisya, which are flowering in my garden too. This is a beautiful arrangement which would feel quite at home in late summer in my garden!

  7. Another beautiful arrangement! you’ve done quite well for flowers considering the time of year and of course I’m a tiny bit jealous 🙂
    Have you ever tried any winter annuals? I’m sure you’re already familiar with them but things such as calendula would always linger deep into the autumn through frosts and freeze even in my harsher climate, and would go well with the winter foliage. I bet your snapdragon will do the same. I think you’re on the cutting edge of opening up a whole new world of winter gardening for the Hesperides!
    I’m going to confess that I don’t like the yellow cosmos either. The blooms are cheery and nice but I feel the plant only looks good for two or so weeks before seedheads and brown foliage clutter the show. Still good for a vase but not my favorite in the garden.

    • I don’t like the orange Cosmos because its flower stems are too short but the plants look OK, although as is proved by the number of self-seeders I do need to dead-head a great deal more. The snapdragons certainly look as if they will stay for a while longer but the flowers don’t open, I may have to think of them as foliage plants! What other winter annuals are you thinking about Frank? I’m intrigued.

      • Pansies would be the first to come to mind, but I bet florist cyclamen would do well enough in a sheltered location. Did I mention calendula? ( I can’t see my comment from before). I bet there are a few more, maybe stocks or wallflower? I’ve never had success with either of those, I think it gets hot too quick here.

        • Yes, I have cyclamen in a pot, but they aren’t annuals although sometimes they are treated as such. I have wall flowers growing and Sweet William, I think I’ve shown them growing but they won’t flower until spring, both are biennials.

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