Happy Christmas

Christmas morning is here, all the preparations are complete, I am sitting with a glass of champagne about to open presents.  I would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a peaceful year in 2015.  Thank you my blogging friends for all your advice, plant identifications, and encouragement throughout the year.  You are all very special people sharing your gardens, thoughts and ideas.  You have helped make the past year a very happy one. The solstice has past so for us in the northern hemisphere, we are looking forward already to spring as gardeners are prone to do, for those of you in the southern hemisphere I am sure you are enjoying all that summer has to offer.  I wish you all a joyous Christmas.


20 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

  1. Oh, no! I forgot the champagne while opening presents! But, how do you hold the presents, the camera and the champagne all at the same time? Oh, and the phone when your husband’s family calls? And the mobile when it’s friends calling? And the cat when she gets excited with so much wrapping paper and decides that THIS is the perfect moment to climb the Christmas tree? And, “DING, DING, DING!” – there’s the timer on the oven. Oh, and look – it’s already noon! Time to bunch the kids, suitcases, food and the dog into the car to drive cross-country to your in-laws…

    And THEN what do yo do when you realize that you have to do everything all over again when the Three Kings come on Epiphany? Yes, THAT is when you realize that you need a drink…

    I sincerely hope your Christmas was calm and restful, Karen

  2. I do hope that you enjoyed your Christmas Day Christina. It’s always a pleasure to visit. What a heart lifting thought that despite today’s chill the days are now getting longer. May the New Year treat you and your garden kindly.

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