First flower in the spring walk

In contrast to the dull day yesterday, today is mild and sunny, the perfect day to be outside but I’m still a little unwell to work outside but the sunshine brightens my spirits even if I am indoors.  It was warm enough for a walk around the garden to check if there are any new shoots or promises of buds to open.

I even decided to check on the spring walk to see what shoots if any were showing, and then I saw it a fully open beautiful Anemone coronaria ‘The Bride’- it made me so happy, the promise of all that there is to follow in spring all wrapped up in one perfect bloom.

Anemone coronaria 'The Bride'

Anemone coronaria ‘The Bride’

OK, I know that my garden doesn’t depend on flowers for its overall design but it is the flowers that give that little spark of joy.  Continuing my walk I even found some crocus, strangely with their buds opening but they were hardly out of the soil.

Crocus - not sure why they look like this

Crocus – not sure why they look like this

In this part of the garden the soil hasn’t been improved so you can see how many stones there are and it gives the idea of how free draining the soil is.


Iris ‘Pure as Gold’

The Yellow Iris that was flowering before Christmas is STILL flowering with new buds opening up the stem.  A shrub that is flowering rather out of its usual season is the prostrate Ceanothus; it frequently does have the odd flower in winter but usually when it has been so cold.

Prostrate Ceaonothus

Prostrate Ceaonothus

A shrub that is flowering rather out of its usual season is the prostrate Ceanothus; it frequently does have the odd flower in winter but usually when it has been so cold.

Iris unguicularis continues to have some flowers almost every day, as it is planted under the Rosa mutabilis by the parking area it is something I see almost the moment I walk outside on my way to visit the greenhouse so it is a lovely sight.

Iris unguicularis

Iris unguicularis

Iris unguicularis

Iris unguicularis

Friday will be the day when I report on the spring walk; but not every week until there are more bulbs to show.

What signs of spring are there in your garden?

34 thoughts on “First flower in the spring walk

  1. Sadly, no signs of spring here. It was 11 degrees F (-11 C) on Wednesday night and is 18 F (-7 C) now, but I sure did enjoy your blooms. I adore Iris unguicularis but they are not doing well for me in this garden. The gold iris is stunning and looks very regal against the grasses.

  2. It is really a special day to get some sunshine in January and see the early bulbs, it always lifts my spirits. Your irises are a beautiful addition to the January scene. I am still waiting in the drizzle. Amelia

  3. Pure as Gold is one hard-working iris and Iris unguicularis is a picture of happiness. Very exciting to see your Anemone coronaria ‘The Bride’ opening. It looks lovely. Hope you’re soon feeling back to full strength.

  4. I am sorry to hear you have not been well Christina – I hope you feel better soon. After a very wet day yesterday I managed an hour out in the January sun today – my garden is not as far on as yours, but there are signs that the bulbs will be out soon. I am looking forward to seeing your regular posts about your Spring Walk!

  5. The Anemone is a beauty. I hope the sight of it, and some winter sunshine help you feel better soon. Of all the flowers in my garden at the moment in the middle of summer, there is one winter/spring surprise – a white Helleborus!

  6. It sounds as though you may be headed into an early spring, Christina. It’s hard for me to differentiate spring and winter here in SoCal, odd as that sounds, but both are part of our cool season so they blend into one another. I usually mark the start of spring with the first blooms of the Pyrus calleryana – last year those showed up in late January. Anemones are already coming into bloom here but I haven’t seen any Ceanothus or crocus blooms. The latter aren’t terribly reliable here (due to inadequate chilling, I suppose).

    Rest up, drink lots of fluids and get well soon!

  7. Oh that anemone must have been a welcome sight Christina. The first of the snowdrops are out and several hellebores are on the point of opening. However I suppose they are flowers that you associate with winter rather than spring 🙂 Good to read that you are well enough to take a stroll round the garden.

  8. I am sorry you have been unwell, but a walk in the garden is surely a sign of recovery! How exciting to see first signs of spring! We have been very cold, but I have seen a few daffodil bulbs just beginning to emerge from the ground. Buds are swelling on the flowering quince (Chaenomeles), so it won’t be long!

  9. I’m glad you’re feeling better, and I think sunshine always does wonders for one’s frame of mind.
    The signs of spring are fantastic, it makes me feel more optimistic knowing you are already turning the corner. Another two months and I think we’ll start to see something too!

    • there is still time for more cold weather; February is usually the worst month for us. But the few signs of spring in the garden make it feel as if at least we are moving towards spring rather than into winter.

  10. I’m looking forward to watching your spring walk get going properly, it will tell me I won’t have long to wait for tulips and forget-me-nots. I do have winter flowering plants this year, and more hellebore mature enough to bloom, but it is the crocuses I take as the true heralds of spring. Promising clumps forming now.

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