The Slope on Thursday – Frosty

We seem to be having alternate days of bright sunshine with low temperatures (dropping below zero degrees C at night) followed by milder days that are grey and damp and that actually feel colder than the ‘cold’ days!  Today is one of the sunny cold days, everything was white when I first looked out of the window but the sun rose quickly and melted much of the frost before I went outside to take some photographs.

It is always difficult to take photographs in the morning at his time of year as the sun slants across the slope causing rainbows on the camera lens.

Even though it is the middle of winter there is very little soil showing, shoots of Muscari look quite cramped and I wonder if they will all flower, I will have to divide them after they’ve flowered but there are so many I have no idea where I’ll put them all.

The usual view, the sun hasn't yet reached the foreground

The usual view, the sun hasn’t yet reached the foreground and so is in deep shadow

Not variegated Thyme but frost still on the edges of the foliage

Not variegated Thyme but frost still on the edges of the foliage

 The sun has thawed the frost only a foot away from the last image

The sun has thawed the frost only a foot away from the last image

A finer leaved Thyme also deeply white

A finer leaved Thyme also deeply white

Looking up the slope from the gate

Looking up the slope from the gate

White frost and sunlight brighten up the planting

White frost and sunlight brighten up the planting

Melia with its yellow berries shines in the sun

Melia azedarach with its yellow berries shines in the sun

Melia berries

Melia azedarach berries

Newly melted frost on Euphorbia leaves

Newly melted frost on Euphorbia leaves

We’ve already had more frost this year than last when there was barely any.  Have you had much frost yet this year and if so, do you rush out with your camera to capture the moment?

42 thoughts on “The Slope on Thursday – Frosty

  1. Your slope looks great with some frost on it. We have had frosts on the grass and frozen soil for some time now, but not the really photogenic frosts that have me rushing out with my camera. I am wondering whether we are going to get the snow that is forecast for most of the UK or if we will miss it. I wouldn’t mind a few days so I can get some photos, but after that I would rather not have it. That is a lovely photo of the Euphorbia leaves.

    • They were forecasting snow for next Monday here, but that changed so I’ve no idea if we’ll have snow this year. I hope you do get a little as I love seeing the photos.

  2. The frost certainly decorates and brightens the winter garden. So far, this year is looking like a repeat of last year. We are not having frost and temperatures are high. The cloud cover keeps it warm and damp which doesn’t bode well for the garden. Amelia

    • I really hate the wind too, the week between Christmas and New Year and the first week of January were almost gale force the whole time. It has been calmer since thank goodness.

  3. Christina, I love your beautiful, frosty morning scenes. It’s been so rainy here this winter the garden has been off-limits mostly, but sun is promised for the weekend finally.

  4. Beautiful frosty photos, especially the last one. And don’t the Melia berries look wonderful against the blue sky?
    Horizontal hail seems to be our main weather feature today.

  5. The macro photograph of the euphorbia us stunning. I love being able to see plants up close like this.
    Your garden looks beautiful under its winter blue sky. Winter light is very special and shows off your frosty plants delightfully. I always rush out to photograph them too, especially when snow has fallen.

    • I need to go out a little earlier to capture frost on the grasses and seed heads, it had mostly begun to thaw this morning apart from that on the Thyme which was still in deep shade.

  6. Some interesting frosty photographs Christina, the Euphorbia droplets make it look like some form of Cactus. I am hoping we get the frosty weather forecast this weekend it makes for a good photograph.

  7. The frost is pretty and frightening at the same time. I hope you’ve avoided damage. We don’t get frost here (or at least, not in recent memory) but we also can’t grow plants that need good winter chills.

    • Most of my plants are hardy as I know we will have some frosts during a normal winter; it is the reason I can’t grow many of the plants I admire in your garden, Kris.

  8. Great photos. My Muscari leaves pop up in fall. I keep interfering with their spread by digging up this or that part of the bed where I have them planted. The sun being so low in the sky does make photography more of a challenge.

  9. Quite amazing amount of green there…something I need to add to my designs even more. Frosted with white it’s even better. Below zero C is common here off and on, but too dry mostly to see frost…but worthy of a photo…same with fog. I used to take photos of every winter’s snows, and the few hours before it melted were magical.

  10. Beautiful blue sky and great pictures of the frost. I just don’t have an eye for those kinds of close ups, it’s always nice to see what others can do with them.
    We’ve had a little frost here. A little more sunshine would be nicer though 😉

  11. Lovely to see your garden in winter conditions Christina – I don’t really think of Italy having frost. I also love the changing light – it is rare to see your garden in shadow. It has just been wet & windy here – very little frost so far which is a shame as it is a treat to photograph plants with a covering of frost!

  12. So lovely to see your frosty pics (particularly that marvellous Euphorbia shot and the Melia berries). Pouring with rain here again this morning. And then when it’s not raining, overcast and miserable, so you’re not encouraged to go out into the garden. Must remember to divide my own (tiny) muscari patches!

  13. Super frosty photos Christina, I always feel frost adds an extra something to a garden, as long as it doesn’t stay too long! Your photo of the water droplets is amazing, so beautiful!

  14. Wonderful pictures, Christina – especially the Euphorbia…! And those Melia berries are spectacular 🙂 We’ve had a few frosty nights: I ran out one morning for some pictures in the garden, but I carefully sited it to minimize winter chill and, happily, apparently succeeded. For frost pictures I had to go in search of weeds – pardon me, wildflowers…

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