In a vase on Monday – Little and Large

As a result of joining Cathy’s Meme each Monday where she challenges us to find material from our own gardens to put in a vase, as I walk around the garden I am on the lookout for buds that might be opening by Monday.

This week Iris reticulata are flowering around the garden; however I didn’t want to deplete their numbers too much as I like seeing them on-mas.  But when I saw a lone bearded Iris either flowering very late for a second flowering or completely confused by the seasons and flowering early I had no hesitation in cutting it to be the focal point of the vase today.

A bearded iris (no ID) stands proud in the vase with Ami majus now opening its white flowers

A bearded iris (no ID) stands proud in the vase with Ami majus now opening its white flowers


Buddleia ‘Silver Anniversary’ was rescued from the vase of two weeks ago.

Buddleia ‘Silver Anniversary’ was rescued from the vase of two weeks ago.

Then the idea occurred of using just a few of the Iris Reticulata Purple Gem in individual vases, to add a little greenery I cut some of the self-seeded Acanthus that need to be removed as they are quite invasive and their small leaves made the perfect frill for the small irises.

My little Campari bottles were perfect for the Iris reticulata

My little Campari bottles were perfect for the Iris reticulata

Acanthus leaves make a good collar for the delicates flowers of the iris

Acanthus leaves make a good collar for the delicates flowers of the iris

Thank you Cathy for encouraging us all to find treasures in our gardens to enjoy indoors; do visit Rambling in the Garden today to see what others have found today.



28 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Little and Large

    • The Acanthus along with Fatsia japonica are the only thing that will grow in the very dry conditions and summer shade under the Mulberry so I am happy to have them there, I am trying to ensure they don’t spread any further!

  1. I love irises, so both your vases appealed to me. I think I just prefer the individual ones though; those Acanthus leaves really show off the beauty of the reticulata irises so well.

  2. I love those tiny irises in the little vases. They are so perfect in their detail, and I always wish that I had planted more-wet conditions non withstanding. I have just copied your idea of planting in a glass vase with pebbles- I used Tete a Tete narcissi and am so pleased with the result. They are so bright on dull days.

  3. I think I love spring best of all for irises. So your vase certainly gave me a boost as the sun is finally shining with frigid wind chills here….but I will welcome the sun even with the cold. I love the little bottles as they are a perfect accompaniment for your bearded iris Christina.

  4. Wow, a bearded iris! What a treat, and what a good idea to bring it indoors and enjoy it to the full. The little ones look lovely too in their frilly collars.

  5. I just love this shade of purple, Christina. Good to see those acanthus leaves not being wasted – they are such a useful addition for vases and yet I don’t think I have ever used any of my mine on a Monday, not yet anyway! Love the different textures in the first vase – thanks for sharing and for your kind comments, as always.

  6. Oh, how wonderful to see your beautiful Irises. The bearded one is a beauty among the foliage. And the trio of Iris reticulate are outstanding, set off by the Acanthus. I like them very much.

  7. Wow Christina – that vase would be more at home in June in my garden!! A bearded iris and ammi majus – you are so ahead ( or perhaps behind?) where we are. I love your little vases of iris reticulata in the campari bottles. My iris should be in flower any day now & I can’t wait – I think they are my favourite of the spring bulbs. Lovely to have 2 vases to enjoy this week!

    • Yes, I agree with you about the reticular irises; I’m so pleased they come back each year. I will try some in pots next year so that I won’t feel guilty about cutting them.

  8. I love all your irises – big and small! The frill effect looks wonderful with the little reticulatas. I have had one bloom from mine this year and was thrilled, but the rest are not doing much – not enough chill, perhaps…!

  9. Oh it took me by surprise to see your ammi majus already in flower Christina and how useful to have it to hand as a vase filler so early in the year. I do like the little iris reticulatas with their green collars.

    • I sowed the Ammi in September, which was way too early; they have been languishing in the greenhouse, taking up space and needing constant watering! I have cut them back a couple of times and yesterday I planted 8 out into the cutting bed to test how hardy they are. I have to say I am a little disappointed in them, I think cow-parsley is much more attractive.

  10. I don’t even want to look at this arrangement. To think you have bearded iris in bloom now just makes me disgusted with our uncivilized American climate! I’m sure I’ll find the right person to complain to to get this fixed 🙂
    Is the ammi from inside the greenhouse?
    Those bottles never let you down do they? Good of you to spare a few of the iris, they’re over so quickly and it’s nice to have a few close by to really enjoy!

  11. Bearded iris won’t start blooming here until May (if they stick to schedule). I love their drama, and I should begin to have plenty to spare for an arrangement here and there. The repetition with the Campari bottles is fetching.

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