In a vase on Monday – more tulip delights

I am not actually at home today but I know Cathy at Rambling in the Garden won’t mind my having prepared this vase earlier.

There were more tulips in the pot I forced in the greenhouse so I wanted to pick them and enjoy them before being away for a few days.

I saw an idea similar to the one I have used in a book, but actually I like my interpretation slightly better.

Tulips ‘Brown sugar’ are surrounded by rosemary stems cut to roughly the same length and placed around the edge of the square vase.  The stems of the Rosemary were ample support for the stems of the tulips and the blue flowers of the rosemary also make a nice gentle contrast with the orange tulips.

I tried to photograph them in the kitchen but there is too much background. Tulip 'Brown Sugar'

I tried to photograph them in the kitchen but there is too much background. Tulip ‘Brown Sugar’

Tulip 'Brown Sugar'

Tulip ‘Brown Sugar’

The only place with really good light is the garden

The only place with really good light is the garden

I didn’t trim the rosemary foliage so I hope the vase doesn’t become to mucky but my thinking is that the foliage is almost like needles and so shouldn’t rot quickly in water.

Tulip 'Brown Sugar'

Tulip ‘Brown Sugar’

Tulip 'Brown Sugar'

Tulip ‘Brown Sugar’

Last week’s vase continued to look lovely I left on Saturday, I didn’t slit the stems of the tulips just below the flowers as is recommended it you don’t want them to continue growing in the vase and becoming a little wayward; I rather like my tulips like that but it is something I’ll try in future when I have more tulips available.  There was an added bonus in that I discovered that ‘Brown Sugar’ is scented; in the garden I’ve never noticed the delicious honey perfume.

Do visit Cathy to see what she and everyone else has found in their gardens this week, the first Monday in March.  Better still why not join us; this is about enjoying something from our gardens indoors and something just plonked in a vase is as welcome as a complicated arrangement (perhaps more so, then we can all gain ideas for our own flowers)

26 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – more tulip delights

  1. Christina, what a great bonus and a perfect name for this tulip with the color and scent….I really like the rosemary as a support and it does contrast well….of course it adds another lovely fragrance that I love. What a perfectly wonderful spring vase for my snowy morning.

  2. Your arrangement looks gorgeous Christina, I love the colour and texture combination. Interesting tip about slitting the stems, not something I had heard of before, but I do know what you mean about enjoying wayward Tulips too.

  3. The idea of having tulips flowering at the end of February or early March is so appealing Christina – do you have any more that you forced this way or was it just the Brown Sugar that you experimented with? Is it the prostrate rosemary that you have used? You are really making use of that square vase too – I like that effect. Thanks so much for making the effort to post – scheduling is a really useful feature.

  4. How nice that the tulips are scented! They look great with the rosemary supports, Christina. I never think of using rosemary (although I have gobs of it). I hope you’re enjoying your trip.

  5. Those ‘Brown Sugar” tulips are such a gorgeous colour. They were on my list even before you mentioned the “S” word! I love that tip with the Rosemary. I’ll take that tip on board. Hope you enjoy your time away.

  6. Those tulips are stunning Christina – I have not grown Brown Sugar before but will be trying it next year! I am also making plans to grow lots of tulips in pots in the greenhouse – you have done so well to have them so early – although unless I heat the greenhouse I still might struggle to have them as early as yours as your daytime temperatures are so much higher through the winter. That rosemary works so well as a support – an idea to adopt I think.

  7. I love that you did this. The vase looks great, but I keep coming back to the forcing part and how successful you were. I can’t wait to see what happens next winter!
    Are your outside plantings sprouting yet? I hate to think that the mice have done so much damage…..

  8. What a lovely way to display your tulips, with natural supports. They look lovely with the rosemary. I am definitely going to seek out Brown Sugar next year, it is beautiful.

  9. I love the idea of using the Rosemary to hold up the tulips. I have a Rosemary shrub that is threatening to take over a path and in need of a severe trim. Now I just need some flowers to mix it with.

  10. This is a variety of tulip I can’t remember having seen before. Very nice! Makes me eager to see my own tulips coming up in their pots. First the snow has to melt, though, but that is finally starting to happen.

  11. I like this tulip color and the combination with the rosemary’s foliage and flowers. It must smell heavenly!

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