The slope on Thursday – blue is the colour

The weather continues much the same as it was before I went to the Red Sea.  Night temperatures are still hovering around zero degrees C, the north wind blows with an icy chill, the sun shines but its heat is only felt if you are protected from the wind.

Actually while I was away the wind was incredibly strong, a couple of my mutabilis roses were virtually pushed out of the ground, driving back from the airport we saw many trees that had been pulled right out of the ground and shade netting etc. was left flapping around uselessly.  I was therefore very lucky.

The usual view

The usual view

I really must get on and cut the Perovskia back here; the formal beds have been done and mulched ready for the few tulips that remain here to flower (every year I think they won’t flower but so far I’ve been proved wrong.

Prostrate rosemary tumbling down the slope

Prostrate rosemary tumbling down the slope

I didn’t think it was possible for the rosemary to flower any more profusely than it has been doing for at least a couple of months now.

Prostrate rosemary  - unbelievably blue

Prostrate rosemary – unbelievably blue

Prostrate rosemary with a honey be I think

Prostrate rosemary with a honey bee I think

Prostrate rosemary by the gate

Prostrate rosemary by the gate

All the images were taken at about 2 pm, you can see the light is now very bright.





It is joined by the river of Muscari although some are now under the rosemary so I should divide all the ones I have and replant them to continue the effect.

The good news is that many of the tulips are now showing above ground so my fears about them being eaten by mice seems to be unfounded.

Are your tulips showing their shoots yet?  What other bulbs are flowering in your garden?

38 thoughts on “The slope on Thursday – blue is the colour

  1. I have lots of tulips up now and the earliest ones are even in bud. A few Anemone blanda are starting to flower and I am waiting on a lot more irises. By the weekend we should have a significant number of daffodils out too. Loving your vigorous rosemary. Makes my newly planted whispy things look a bit pathetic!

    • This week the garden has sounded like summer with all the bees Pauline. Earlier in the year they were mostly solitary bees but I’m pretty sure that these were honey bees.

  2. Your Rosemary looks fantastic. Mine is in bud, but will be a few weeks off. Tulips are mostly up, but still some not appeared. I must check my list to see what is missing. Small Tete a Tete are flowering as are Iris reticulata and crocuses. The garden is beginning to look very spring like. We also have terrible winds, but I haven’t seen any trees down. It is very cold too.

  3. Great to see colour returning to the slope. It’s Spring!
    The irises here have all been eaten by the mice. Daffs are flowering and tulips poking through the soil.. under a wire mesh cage! Hope you had a good holiday.

    • I had an amazing holiday, thank you Jessica. I can still see that there are holes in the ground that must have been made by mice so I hope this won’t become a major problem for the bulbs. You are waging an incredible battle against the mice you have.

  4. Were you able to salvage the roses? The green and blue of the rosemary makes a rich feature for the garden. I cut back my two or three Perovskia this week. Some narcissus are blooming at last and some purple crocus planted for last spring surprised me yesterday.

    • Luckily the person who was watering the seedlings in the greenhouse for me pushed the rosesback into the ground and ties them up, I’m hoping they will be OK; I’ve now reduced their size to help them re-establish.

  5. It’s great to see that the slope still looks splendid even after the terrible wind storms that you suffered (it even made the news here). The deeper colours of the muscari – flowers and foliage – are such a great complement to the rosemary!

    • I consider myself very lucky that we didn’t suffer any real damage; I think the roses will survive thanks to the quick action of the person who was keeping an eye on the garden.

  6. It looks a lot more springlike, even if it doesn’t feel warm yet! I just cut my young perovskia back (not much of a job at this stage!) and clipped my baby rosemary hedge in hopes it will grow denser. I have just a few narcissus leaves showing; I think I may have actually planted them too deep in a fit of enthusiasm, though I have no idea what the “normal” bloomtime is here… My best showing from bulbs right now is Ornithogalum arabicum, which has buds up, but not yet open. Your muscari look wonderful, not to mention that rosemary… 🙂

  7. I bet you can hear the buzz of bees everywhere with all those lovely rosemary flowers! Some of the early tulips are showing leaves here, but no signs of the later ones yet…. although I didn’t look yesterday and things happen so quickly in spring. Sometimes I think if I blink I will miss it!

  8. I wondered what the blue was going to be when I clicked on your post, Christina, and your picture shows how extensive your rosemary is – it’s lovely. I bought a small one a few months back and it has been in flower ever since. Do your muscari ever become invasive?

  9. I am still sporting 2 ft of snow all over the garden but that is good news as the 2 ft is only half of what we had….now if we could stay in a warm up….not going to happen though. So we are delayed here by many weeks. Still no signs of spring. But your rosemary is stunning. I have only seen it flowering like that in Arizona.

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