In a vase on Monday – Spring in a vase

For me the flower that shouts spring the loudest for me is the daffodil.

Daffodils need a long cold period before they flower and unlike tulips they require some water during summer; in my garden this has proved difficult with daffodils sometimes flowers later than tulips and instead of multiplying they often just disappear!

So when I saw Sarah Raven under planting her Dahlias with narcissus I thought I could try the same thing.  The narcissus will receive water during the summer months but they won’t be taking up a lot of space and they will happily grow through the dahlia corms next year.

So today I have my favourite vase of all time – a lovely blue Denby jug with (not quite a host of) golden daffodils.

Blue Denby vase with Narcissus

Blue Denby vase with Narcissus

Blue Denby vase with Narcissus

Blue Denby vase with Narcissus

The prop. today is the papier mache plate with the catholic wedding promise around the edge, a gift at our wedding, that was filled with sugar coated almonds.

Last week’s vase continues with the addition of the first white Ranunculus from the greenhouse and two small late entry tulips Brown Sugar.  The perfect blooms of the Ranunculus will hopefully feature as the stars of a vase soon.

Revamped vase from last week

Revamped vase from last week

White Ranunculus

White Ranunculus

Tulip Brown Sugar

Tulip Brown Sugar

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the garden for hosting this meme, where she asks us to find material from our own gardens or nearby and fill a vase to enjoy indoors.  Do visit her to see her lovely choice for today.

39 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Spring in a vase

    • thanks Linda; sometimes classic just can’t be beaten. It would be nice if more daffodils were large enough to pick and the vase was full to bursting but never mind, I’m happy with these.

    • In England this jug was always full of daffodils for weeks in spring; I wonder if there are other places that the narcissus could be under other plants so not taking up valuable space but where they would be regularly watered.

  1. The daffodils are beautiful – they say “spring” to me too, although they’re far from the earliest of my spring bulbs to bloom. Sarah Raven’s trick of growing them with Dahlias is interesting – I may have to try that too one day. I’m surprised to see Ranunculus blooming this early and am already sorry I didn’t plant any this year. Maybe I’ll cheat and pick up some in 6-packs.

  2. Lovely spring vases, Christina! We are itching to get started with spring here… hoping the sun will pop through very soon!

  3. Yes, I love your Denby jug too, Christina, its colour and shape – wheel it out as often as you like! It’s great with yellow – love that colour combination. But your white ranunculus – stunning! So perfect and so white….I have planted mine outside but depending how they do I might resort to a pot next year as I have struggled to grow them successfully in the past. Where did you have them before you put them in the greenhouse?

  4. Christina I agree the daffodils are the stars of spring and I am sure I will be bringing in loads of them as there are hundreds that will grow and multiply around my garden. I had not realized they were difficult for you to grow due to your climate but it makes perfect sense….like tulips for me don’t last but a yr of two. And a great idea to underplant your dahlias with them.

    Love the blue vase and a popular theme right now in those gardens where spring has sprung. And I love the White Ranunculus added to last week’s vase…looks like a rose.

  5. Oh, I like how you staged your daffodils. They hold their own against the strong blue of the jug and plate, and I like the way they arch toward the left. The Ranunculus has unusually pure white color. Both of those last two photos are especially nice images.

    • They only leaned to the left because there aren’t really enough of them! I’m glad you like the images, I have a new camera that I’m only just beginning to get to grips with; maybe I’m slowly learning!

  6. I hope the dahlia/daffodil trick works for you. There are always flowers which are most special to us and it’s frustrating when they don’t want to work with us!
    The ranunculus is beautiful in a way completely unlike the narcissus, but I would never trade one for the other and am looking forward to daffodil season already 🙂

    • I think I miss the daffodils so much because in the UK almost every garden, municipal rounderbout or road verge has masses. Even people who don’t garden have daffodils so it is hard not seeing them here. I will enjoy however many you decide to share. I’m hopeful that with water during the summer they will survive.

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