The cut flower beds at the end of April

Last week I was lucky enough to visit Julie of Peony and Posies and tour her large cuttings garden; I certainly envy the space she has for her cut flowers.  At present tulips are the main attraction and I took away some ideas for which tulips I would like to grow next year.  Thank you Julie for welcoming us into your home and garden; it was the perfect beginning to our short trip to Suffolk.  I am a little late joining Julie for her review but it will help me in future if I post this month. Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – Spring and Summer

I’ve been in Suffolk for the last four days and as expected when I walked around as soon as I got back early yesterday evening everything had changed!  Irises were flowering and those not flowering were full of bud.  Dianthus were filling the air with their cinnamon perfume and the Clair Matin roses on the pillars of the terrace were in full flower.

The irises I had thought I would be able to use for my vase for today’s In a vase on Monday hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden had already finished; so what to choose? Continue reading

GBFD a dilemma

For Garden Bloggers Foliage Day I usually encourage you to share some particularly beautiful foliage in your garden at present or describe how you use foliage to enhance your garden.

As my regular readers will know I depend heavily on foliage to give form, structure and texture to my garden.  Foliage is the most important feature during the middle of summer when few plants are flowering.  The formal garden is basically composed of three plants, Lavender hedging, Perovskia in the centre and Box cut-off pyramids at the corners.

The beautiful Box in 2014

The beautiful Box in 2014

Continue reading

In a vase on Monday – Keep it Simple

Monday is here again and with it comes the challenge of bringing flowers from the garden into the house for a vase to enjoy and share with everyone thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden’s weekly meme.

Today there was, again, a lot of choice; I had been intending to have a simple vase of purple irises, there are lots of pick and I may still do this during the week, but not today.  The wallflowers are also going strong but I’ve used these for two weeks now and thought I needed something different.  The Antirrhinums planted last year are now at last flowering and I was almost sure I would use them. Continue reading

The Slope on Thursday – Blue and Orange again but different

At last it really does feel like spring weather has arrived.  For the first time this year I have actively sought out a shady spot when I’ve been in the garden because the sun is so hot.  The images for this post were taken on Wednesday late afternoon, at about 5.45 and just look how bright it is! Continue reading