In a vase on Monday – Keep it Simple

Monday is here again and with it comes the challenge of bringing flowers from the garden into the house for a vase to enjoy and share with everyone thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden’s weekly meme.

Today there was, again, a lot of choice; I had been intending to have a simple vase of purple irises, there are lots of pick and I may still do this during the week, but not today.  The wallflowers are also going strong but I’ve used these for two weeks now and thought I needed something different.  The Antirrhinums planted last year are now at last flowering and I was almost sure I would use them.

But when I had the scissors in my hands it was narcissus and tulips that called for my attention.  I haven’t had anywhere near as many cut tulips in vases as I would have liked and as many are already finishing in the garden I thought I would at least pick some to enjoy close up.

two vases, one inside the other

two vases, one inside the other

During a very quick trip to Ikea last week to buy coconut fibre blocks (which I find wonderful for encouraging root growth for seedlings and cuttings) I was tempted by some vases – now there’s a surprise!  Two packs each with three glass vases came home with me.  For today’s vase I used a tall cylindrical one inside a lower round one.

Tulip Double Dazzle, Narcissus and Elaeagnus Quicksilver

Tulip Double Dazzle, Narcissus and Elaeagnus Quicksilver

I love these water lily-like tulips for for the intense colour and the double blooms.

Tulip Double Dazzle, Narcissus and Elaeagnus Quicksilver

Tulip Double Dazzle, Narcissus and Elaeagnus Quicksilver

The Narcissus are in the outer vase supported by pebbles while the tulips are supported by some stems of Elaeagnus Quicksilver in the inner one.  The Elaeagnus isn’t flowering yet but I cut from a plant that had suckered into the area under the mulberry so needs to be removed, I’ll pick the rest when it flowers in a few weeks’ time.

Cathy also chose tulips today but displayed in a very different way to mine, do visit her to see what she and others have found for their vases today; or better still why not join in?!


47 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Keep it Simple

    • I usually prefer ceramic over glass, but that’s mainly because I don’t like seeing the stems through the glass and it is difficult to keep it crystal clean with the minerals we have in our well water.

  1. Your arrangement today is lovely – I like the combination of purple tulips, the grey/green leaves of the elaeagnus and creamy narcissus and your glass vase within a glass vase is such a clever idea too. As I chose tulips too, I think this may well turn out to be Tulip Monday 🙂

  2. What a clever idea using one vase inside another. I would never think of that. Wonderful tulips such a rich colour

  3. What a lovely shade of pink, and the idea of putting one vase inside another is ingenious! Those little narcissus flowers are so pretty too, Christina. Any idea of the name? I must try and find some more varieties for planting this autumn as I would love to have enough to fill a vase!

  4. That’s a beautiful elegant arrangement, I love the pebbles. Today I have picked my first iris and put in water- slugs love to browse on the stems, tulip stems too, if the mice have left any!

  5. The arrangement is gorgeous and just perfect, Christina. I love the plum color of the tulips – they’re elegant flowers! And your vase inside vase set-up is very clever too.

    • These T. Double Dazzle are gorgeous and last a good while in the garden, but it is nice to have them in the house. I think the double vase idea may prove quite useful. All the ones I bought will probably work together.

  6. That’s a great idea to use vases inside vases, isn’t it, and the pebbles are a great effect too. Lovely Double Dazzle, so pink and blowsy – another tulip I have too, many of which are going to flower when we are away 😦 Glad to read that you too changed your mind about what to pick! Thanks for sharing your lovely ideas

  7. Oh, this is just lovely Christina. I thought the tulips were peonies at first, they’re so rich and full. So nice to have many choices for your vase this week. Great find at the Ikea store.

  8. Ikea is great for glass vases and they are so reasonable. I love your arrangement and that is another Tulip that I shall look out for next year. It looks perfect with the Narcissus.

    • Even though it is double it seems to be very tough and has come back for several years but not 100%. I did the arrangement on Saturday and none of the petals have dropped yet and it had been open a while in the garden before I picked it.

  9. Tulips and daft are terrific, but the most attractive for me was the eleagnus! Quicksilver, I love that variety, I’ve already seen it around the internet but never really found in nurseries around here. it’s simply beautiful.

  10. ‘Double Dazzle’ goes really well with the white Narcissus. It reminds me of a big bed of tulips at the Chicago Botanic Garden which was all different shades of purple, from light to dark.

    • When I was checking the website where I bought the tulips I saw that there were several doubles in similar colours. I was thinking of having varying shades of pink next year in the left hand border.

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