In a Vase on Monday- Inspiration

I have two arrangements to share with you today for Cathy at Rambling in the Garden’s meme, where she challenges us to fill a vase with material from our own gardens.  Both my vases today have been inspired by vases I’ve seen by other addicts of this meme, which is a great way of learning about different styles of flower arranging from the simple ‘plonk’ (and nothing wrong with that to some quite sophisticated vases by some of the more talented flower arrangers.

My first vase uses just two plants, Allium aflatuense and Eleagnus Quicksilver which is flowering at the moment so that its delicious perfume is now pervading the house.  This is inspired by the elegant sophisticated designs by Susie at pbm garden; I don’t think my arrangement is quite there yet but I liked using less material and the shape is asymmetrical which reflects the metal support around the glass flute vase.

Allium aflatuense and Elaeagnus Quicksilver in my tall flute vase

Allium aflatuense and Elaeagnus Quicksilver in my tall flute vase

I had thought about floating some flower heads in the other bowl but decided I preferred the bowl just filled with large, shiny marble stones.

Allium aflatuense and Elaeagnus Quicksilver

Allium aflatuense and Elaeagnus Quicksilver

The second is a huge bowl filled with all the abundance that the cutting garden now has to offer.  The bowl ides is inspired by Julie at Peonies and Posies who last week gave us a wonderful bowl filled with tulips and lilac.

The vase includes Dutch Iris, Larkspur, Sweet William, Antirrhinum and Ami majus

The vase includes Dutch Iris, Larkspur, Sweet William, Antirrhinim and Ami majus


The Dutch Iris are pure yellow I. Crown Jewel and grey/white and yellow I. Apollo from Peter Nyssen.

The colour scheme is white, yellow and blue

The colour scheme is white, yellow and blue

Larkspur seed from Sarah Raven as are the white Antirrhinim and Ami.  The White Sweet William is from Italian seed of a mix of colours.

The vase includes Dutch Iris, Larkspur, Sweet William, Antirrhinum and Ami majus

The vase includes Dutch Iris, Larkspur, Sweet William, Antirrhinum and Ami majus

A huge centre piece table arrangement

A huge centre piece table arrangement

Do visit Cathy to see what she has found for today’s vase and perhaps see the vase she bought on her travels to the Hebrides.

Have a great week everyone!


34 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday- Inspiration

  1. I love the allium combined with that silver-grey leaf and yes it is good and inspiring seeing other gardener’s cutting ideas. I shall use the leaves from my olive in a combination very soon but will now wait till the alliums burst into flower-in two weeks probably.

  2. Thanks for the special mention today Christina. I first learned about Cathy’s meme from your blog and have been looking forward to Mondays in a new way ever since. Both of your arrangements are stunning. The spare use of flowers in the first allows the vase itself to be a strong focal point and you’ve continued the curving black line upward using the shape of the Eleagnus Quicksilver. Very elegant. The ebullient mix of flowers in the second is magical.

    • I have learned so much seeing your arrangements and I wanted to try something a little different from my usual style. You’re right too, that Monday’s are different now that we have this meme
      , not surprising that it has become so popular.

  3. Wonderful, both of them. I love the sophisticated colour scheme of the first and the rich opulence and abundance of the second. I love blue and yellow together. How amazing to have all these wonderful flowers in your cutting garden.

  4. Not my new vase today, Christina – the flowers were too pink… 😉 It is so exciting to see people experimenting with their vases and taking on new ideas – but when there is such an abundance it must be hard to stick to the simple elegance of vases like your beautiful first one. You must be really feeling the benefit of your cutting beds now and your second vase is pure joyous abundance. How have you supported them in the bowl?

  5. Both vases are wonderful, Christina, but I absolutely love the second one, filled with flowers in my favorite colors. I was going to ask how you kept them so well arranged but I see your response to Cathy above so now I know.

  6. Two lovely arrangements today, Christina, and both so different. I’m afraid I’m one of the plonkers you refer to, but that doesn’t stop me admiring those more able than myself 🙂 I like the bowl idea – and the joyful mix of spring colours just sings to me!

  7. That bowl is really lovely Christina! The irises are the highlight- especially the yellow ones – and the colour combination is fresh and cheerful. Your first vase is also very nice – elegant the way it curves and reaches upwards. I like the effect.

    • It was fun to do such a large bowl, but it did take a while and a huge quantity of flowers! I certainly wouldn’t have done it if I had had to buy the flowers.

  8. Both fabulous vases Christina. The sinuous shape of the holder that wraps round that first vase is most appealing whilst the grey and soft purple go so well together. Wish that I could smell the eleagnus 🙂 As for your second vase it sings of summer. I think that you are well on your way to becoming one of “those talented flower arrangers”.

    • That’s very kind Anna. I think that when you enjoy something you can easy become proficient; talent is another thing and I wouldn’t claim to have that.

  9. So much going on in the garden right now. I love the opportunity to fill the house with flowers. I love the way you limited the colors and then allowed them to explode from the bowl…lovely!

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