Wordless Wednesday – Views I’m Enjoying 13th May

I’m continuing to use the Wordless Wednesday post to share some views of the garden I’m enjoying this week.  I’m hoping it will be a quick reference to see what is good but also by default if a certain area never appears, it means it needs work!

The Slope, no reason why I should show this today as well as on Thursday

The Slope, no reason why I shouldn’t show this today as well as on Thursday

Upper slope border with Rosa Molineax

Upper slope border with Rosa Molineax and yellow Irises of various varieties

From the edge of the terrace looking south east

From the edge of the terrace looking south east

Large Island looking towards the drive

Large Island looking towards the drive

Large Island looking towards the drive

Large Island looking towards the drive

The path around the Large Island seems to have become an Iris walk!

The path around the Large Island seems to have become an Iris walk!

More Irises

The path around the Large Island seems to have become an Iris Walk!

Small Island - Stipa gigantia is already opening

Small Island – Stipa gigantia is already opening

Which view of your garden is giving you most pleasure this week?



45 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Views I’m Enjoying 13th May

  1. Christina you have some stunning views, mine are humble, from the kitchen window the daffodils still flowering in the damp meadow and tweenie gardens, from the front window Erica erigena ‘Brightness’ near the gate, covered in blooms and I can just see the bees busy on it, Frances

    • I would be very happy to have clumps of daffodils here Frances, so don’t think of them as humble. The art of gardening (and it is the most difficult thing in some places) is to plant what will grow well. Here it is the long hot summer with no rain for you it is salt laden wind and wet.

  2. I always love the slope and in particular I love the irises. For me we are on the temp roller coaster from 90s to 50s. So I am enjoying all the weeds (can’t get to them) and all the moss phlox showing up.

    • It seems a bit early even here for the Stipa, there is even a seedling in the same bed which I must dig up and keep safely in a pot until I find a good place for it.

  3. I love your smoke bush with the bronze coloured irises, but all the views are wonderful.
    My garden is still looking spring like and the main border hasn’t really got going yet. The Clematis montana is almost out near the bench so that is my favourite part just now. I am also excited to see some buds on some of my irises as I haven’t had much luck with them up to now.

    • It is probably a bit wet for the irises in Aberdeen! they like it very hot and dry. Rustic Jewel, the iris you liked is amazing because it is short with various colours ranging from a quite strong pink through to bronze and so combines well with a number of other plants including in most lights with the bright pink dianthus.

  4. I am really beginning to see the beauty of irises after seeing all of yours in recent weeks. Views from our kitchen window are of a montana clematis hanging from the magnolia and a large trough with mixed tulips – and lots of leafy trees!

    • I do think that this year will be remembered by me as the year of the irises! But even some of these are coming to the end, the season is so short here.

    • The garden feels much more integrated into the surrounding countryside this year. Glimpses though the now more mature planting gives the borrowed landscape I had hoped for.

  5. Those irises are certainly very luscious! I would have to say still that the tulips are giving me the most pleasure this week, though not for much longer. The bleeding hearts also.

    • I find that when I ask what view is giving you the most pleasure you name a plant rather than an area of the garden. From your recent posts I would have thought your entrance steps with the tulips might be my answer but you know the different area better than me.

  6. Your garden is in fine form, Christina! I love the Iris. My own Iris appear to be taking a pass on blooms again this year – I’ve no idea why except possibly the lack of rain during their growth period (and insufficient irrigation to offset the loss).

    • May is certainly the most floriferous time in my garden, then begins the steady decline into drought. Maybe you do need to give extra water to the irises during the period when the rhizomes are swelling. Some I divided last year aren’t flowering and the new ones from two years ago are flowering for the first time, although I didn’t plant them immediately.

  7. Gorgeous, luscious irises, Christina, and the garden is looking superb – I always relish seeing your colours (whatever the plant!) against the lovely grey foliage you’ve planted. Here I am enjoying the rose walk slowly working it’s way up to flower. Yesterday I decided we have to put a pergola nearby to enjoy it, because it was just too hot (except for in the morning) to enjoy properly.

  8. You certainly have some super iris Christina and all your views are looking beautiful. Everywhere here is so green and I think the view I like best here at the moment is from the back door with the clematis cascading out of the oak, coming down to meet the rhododendrons which are just starting to flower.

  9. Tried to leave a message yesterday – don’t know what happened. Just wanted to say that I can almost feel the heat in your garden from these photos. I especially love the contrast between the black (?) irises and the California poppies. Bravo!

  10. Colorful views where you are. I love your irises and love the idea of an iris walk! The view from my upstairs window is my favorite right now. This month is one of the few times when something interesting is going on in every section.

    • I didn’t intend to produce an Iris walk but I planted several in the space where the pine tree was removed. When you look back along the path that skirts the large Island you can see them on both sides.

  11. Your slope always amazes me! That first view is particularly beautiful. I tried to make something out of a slope, so I know how challenging it can be. Congratulations on the wonderful results of your efforts. Your iris walk is also lovely. I can see why these views give you a lot of pleasure.

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