In a Vase on Monday – Daisy, daisy…..

There aren’t any actual daisies in this week’s vases but the form of the flowers is the classic shape a child would draw if asked to paint a flower.

The vases were actually arranged on Saturday as friends were coming to a pizza supper.  I know that Cathy at Rambling in the garden won’t mind that the vase wasn’t done today; she id very forgiving of slight bending of the rules of her wonderfully addictive meme, where she asks us to collect flowers from our own gardens or surroundings to fill a vase to enjoy in our homes.

I picked the first sunflowers, not actually the ones I showed you last week in the cuttings garden review because they were already past their best, but more are coming now thick and fast.  I thought for a pizza party some zingy bright colours would look great, especially as we were eating outside after a hot humid day.  So I combined sunflowers with orange Cosmos, the first of the Rudbeckia and the lovely blue Larkspur; to add some bright green I used some Bells of Ireland.  I was surprised to find they have an interesting perfume that I can’t quite describe, not unpleasant but not really a flower smell.

I used a tall cylindrical vase inside a wide shallow dish with some stones to support the flowers

I used a tall cylindrical vase inside a wide shallow dish with some stones to support the flowers

Sunflower 'Earth Walker', Larkspur, Rudbeckia, orange Cosmos, various and Bells of Ireland plus a couple of Zinnias

Sunflower ‘Earth Walker’, Larkspur, Rudbeckia, orange Cosmos, various and Bells of Ireland plus a couple of Zinnias

Yellow, orange, and blue - the colours sing

Yellow, orange, and blue – the colours sing

I actually picked almost everything that was flowering from the cuttings beds on Saturday and gave masses to my helper in the garden as it was a religious festival and flowers play and important role; I also gave some to my guests.  Why did I pick everything? – because My Hesperides Garden is going to be left in the care of some good friends while I travel to the States for a wedding and to visit friends.  I’ll be reading your posts when I can; commenting on Blogspot sites is usually impossible from my iPad but I’ll try.  I may even be able to share some images of gardens etc. with you, but I don’t promise.

A second vase was made for the kitchen with a few dark Antirrhinums, various shades of Cosmos, a pink Zinnia and more Bells of Ireland.

A vase of pink flowers

A vase of pink flowers

Zinnia, Cosmos, and Bells of Ireland

Zinnia, Cosmos, and Bells of Ireland

I'm pleased with my very first Bells of Ireland

I’m pleased with my very first Bells of Ireland

Enjoy the next few vases on Monday, I’ll miss joining.  See you all soon, when I return.  Do keep visiting Cathy each Monday to see what she and everyone else has found to bring indoors from their gardens.

35 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – Daisy, daisy…..

  1. I love the rich colour combination of your ‘ daisy’ vase Christina. Amazing having sunflowers in bloom already. The Moluccella is gorgeous, I love green flowers.
    Have a wonderful time in the States, will you have chance to meet any blogging friends?

  2. The colours in your first vase really do sing – perfect for a party decoration! I am not sure I have come across Bells of Ireland before – intriguing stems of little green bells – quite lovely. I really love those cosmos too. Mine are still far from flowering! Have a wonderful time in the States Christina, and hope you can share some of the local flora at some stage. 🙂

  3. Beautiful blooms Christina. Looks like I’ve now lost all the cosmos and cornflowers I planted, despite the coffee. Some of the poppies are still hanging on though, or were yesterday..
    Have a great trip.

  4. Wow, daisy-daisy is striking Christina. Love the strong color combinations and variation in sizes of the flowers. Now you have me wanting to track down some bells of Ireland to sniff–I can’t recall what they smell like. The second vase is lovely too. I planted zinnias and cosmos seeds in the ground after frost but neither made it (usually they’re very reliable), need to reseed. It will be wonderful to have you here. Safe travels.

  5. That is absolutely stunning, Christina – I love everything about it and it positively glows! Are the orange cosmos ‘Polydor’, the ones that didn’t do well last year? And did your molucella get any taller? I don’t know what to expect with molucella and mine are still little. As Chloris says, green flowers look brilliant in a vase. They look just as lovely with the pink cosmos and zinnia too – your guests will have been most impressed! Isn’t it exciting to be picking all these blooms we have grown from seed? I love it! Enjoy your trip, keep safe, and give our love to Susie 🙂

  6. Christina these vases are magnificent…I also love the orange and purple and have it this week too. And the inks are fabulous. Most of the flowers you are using are not blooming here yet….and how wonderful you are visiting with Susie. I have thought about Bells of Ireland so maybe next year….I am thinking about what I want to plant in my next cutting garden I am planning in the back garden….much bigger and deeper. You are always an inspiration!

    • that’s very kind Donna; you gave me the strength to bare the heat last year (although in the end it didn’t quite happen) so I’m so glad you are inspired.

  7. Both vases are wonderful but the first one is a real attention-grabber – perfect for your pizza party. I love that orange and purple/blue color combination. Your sunflowers are well ahead of mine, which are still just seedlings. Enjoy your trip, Christina!

  8. Daisy, daisy is bold and beautiful. I love Bells of Ireland (including when they are skeletonised) and they work really well here winding their way up through the arrangement.

  9. Hope you have a great time on our side of the pond. Picking all the flowers will likely prompt them to produce even more, so just think what a riot of color you will find on your return. Plus, your largesse will have earned you many loving thoughts as you travel about.

  10. Oh I think the ‘daisy’ vase is one of my favourites of all your vases Christina. The colours positively glow. It also made me think of childhood mornings as my Dad always used to sing ‘Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do’ when he shaved 🙂 Hope that you have a fabulous trip.

  11. I know I’m late but I still wanted to come and see your vases for this week. So glad I did too! Love the zingy colours of the first – blue and orange together are so cheerful – and the snapdragon vase is gorgeous too. Bells of Ireland … I tried growing these from seed this year but nothing has come of it – a total failure but I will try again, surely they aren’t that difficult to grow 🙂

    • This is my first time growing Bells of Ireland, I’ll keep you posted on how well they grow. They were one of the seeds that were recommended to have time chilling in the fridge before sowing.

  12. Both arrangements are beautiful and present really different moods. I’ve always liked the look of Bells of Ireland but never had the chance to smell them. hmmm … I’ll have to see if I can track some down!

  13. Hi Christina – I have just realised that you are in America – I hope you are having a great time!! I will be cutting back my beds soon too as we are heading to the US in July.

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