In a vase on Monday-a little cheat

this isn’t my vase but I couldn’t bare not to join in with Cathy today. So here is the vase I saw in the restaurant where Susie and her husband treated us to a wonderful dinner. 

 Can you see how ladles have been hung from the edge of the vase with very short stems of Gerberas floated in the bowls with hydrangeas in the tall cylindrical vase. 

I know the flowers should be from my garden, but I know you’ll forgive me this time. 

This is also a first! A post from my iPhone! So now you know where I am.    

22 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday-a little cheat

  1. Pretty composition and an interesting vase; one could make a lot of interesting arrangements with a vase like that!

  2. Perhaps that will be a new meme, Christina? Interesting arrangements people just ‘happen upon’ during the week. Just kidding. But it’s pretty ingenious, isn’t it?

  3. Thank you for sharing this Christina – I will have to master the iPhone post whilst away too! I am sure you all had a lovely time together.

  4. An intriguing idea indeed – and I was puzzled when I first read it as I thought it said ‘ladies’!! Those are amazingly white hydrangeas, aren’t they? So pleased you are enjoying your visit – has the wedding happened yet?

  5. Clever use of the ladles – I wonder how long the Gerbera will last cut short like that? I hope you’re enjoying your trip to the US and that the weather has been accommodating.

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