In a vase on Monday – Sunshine orange

I am home after an amazing three weeks travelling in the US; I have to admit that I’m quite tired and would enjoy a few days total rest after travelling so much, I must be getting old!  It is lovely to be home and joining with Cathy at Rambling in the garden to share a vase of flowers picked early this morning from the garden.

I returned to a huge amount of blooms in the cutting-flower beds; my instructions to those caring for the garden while I was away to pick EVERYTHING possible was followed so that new blooms are continuing to be produced.  It was so hard to choose what to pick today so I decided to pick one colour range – orange!

The sunflowers are growing very well and there is a good selection of colours and forms.  I plonked them into a vase I bought some time ago but haven’t yet used.

What can beat sunflowers in a vase

What can beat sunflowers in a vase

Sunflowers used include H. Moon Walker, H. Earth Walker, Italian White

Sunflowers used include H. Moon Walker, H. Earth Walker, Italian White

Why is it that sunflowers are so difficult to place in a vase so that you can see all their faces?

This one is rather fine, I need to check on its name

This one is rather fine, I need to check on its name

H. Earth Walker

H. Earth Walker

A good mix of colours for my vase today

A good mix of colours for my vase today

I decide that the sunflowers were best displayed on their own but all the other orange and yellow flowers were mixed together for a smaller vase for the mantle shelf in the sitting room.

My first picking of Tithonia (sown on 2nd February with Cosmos Rudbeckia and Leonotis leonurus

My first picking of Tithonia (sown on 2nd February with Cosmos Rudbeckia and Leonotis leonurus


These colours are so jolly

Some Cosmos were placed on the shelves in the kitchen.

Cosmos Polidor, and C. Millenium

Cosmos Polidor, and C. Millenium

I’m really looking forward to catching up on blogs that I missed while I was away.  I would also like to apologise for not commenting as much as I would have liked but I did enjoy all the posts I managed to read.

Do visit Cathy (thanks for hosting) to see her delightful vase today and see what others have found in their gardens this week; you could always join in yourself too!

46 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Sunshine orange

    • I’m so sorry your sunflowers failed; is it too late for you to start some others, I ws thinking of sowing a second batch here as they grow so quickly in our heat.

      • Too late here unfortunately. I live in wet Wales. Thank you for visiting my quilting blog. In answer to your question I don’t sell my quilts unless someone asks me to make one specifically. Alot of my work I give away as presents and swaps. I enjoy the design and making process but haven’t the room to keep all I make xxxx

  1. Hi Christina! Welcome back. The sunflowers make a gorgeous and dramatic arrangement. The vase looks like it was made just for them. The cosmos and Tithonia look great too. My cosmos got crowded out by cleome this year.

    • Thank you Susie, it is really nice to be home, although it is very hot so I am suffering a bit. I’m surprised the Cosmos didn’t force their way through the Cleome, as you know I’ve only once ever managed to grow Cleome so would be very pleased if it pushed something else out!

  2. Orange is a favorite of mine; I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t like it! Glad you made it home safely and enjoyed your trip. Hope we get to hear a little more about your travels.

  3. Fantastic to see all your sunflowers (I found an Earth Walker in bloom today – hurrah!) – but then your other vases followed too! Your tithonia looks great – mine is way WAY off flowering and my C Polydor were rubbish 😦 Shame about the latter as yours look so elegant together in that clear vase. Glad your garden-sitters did their job well and that you had blooms to come home to. I wonder how much you will allow yourself to rest…. 😉

  4. Glad to hear you had a great visit Christina…..sunflowers are just beginning here so I can’t wait to cut them once fully blooming. And yes there are more yellows beginning now…and some oranges although not as many in my garden. Love your sunflowers and that stunning vase you used….all the vases are bright and beautiful!

  5. What a joy to return to a garden full of flowers, Christina! The sunflowers are glorious – I can only hope I’ll get a few from the late planting of seeds in my vegetable garden. The bright colors of the cosmos and tithonia are so cheery – I wish I’d remembered to mix seeds of those in when I planted my sunflowers seeds.

    • The Tithonia seems to need a lot of water; I’ll see how it copes this summer as I like the colour; as it comes from Mexico it shouldn’t really be so thirsty.

  6. Welcome back Christina. It’s ironic but sometimes you feel that you need a holiday when you’ve just had one. Fabulous sunflowers. Mine germinated and were making good progress until they got on the wrong side of a slug. A lot can happen overnight in a greenhouse.

    • There are slugs and snails here but less than there were in my English garden; it is always so frustrating when you’ve carefully grown something only for it to become food for slugs.

  7. Oh how very Van Gogh, I love your sunflowers and your orange Cosmos. My Cosmos were all eaten by slugs, I have just 3 plants left.
    Welcome home, Christina, I am looking forward to reading about your travels.

  8. I love the colours in your top vase – especially the H. Earth Walker. I too have been away and am only just catching up with posts. Glad you had a great time.

      • No – I am very lucky in that I retired last year. This was a holiday with my husband, walking in the Sud Tyrol. Hope to do a post on it soon once I have caught up. It was wonderful.

  9. I am so pleased to hear that your cutting garden survived your trip Christina – it gives me hope for mine! I hope you had a good trip – we are only half way through our first week so a long way to go yet. Your sunflowers are magnificent. Julie xx

  10. Wonderful! I love sunflowers, and you have a great selection in that vase. Have you ever tried a variety called ‘Italian White’? Also love the Tithonia and orange cosmos vases.

    • I have a packet of Italian White sunflowers which I may even try to sow now for a late flowering, but it might be too late! Most of the sunflowers flowered while I was away so all these are the secondary flowers.

  11. Christina, I admire your ability to choose just the right vase to complement your blooms. The vase you chose for the sunflowers is outstanding in combination with the orange flowers. Just another example of your artistry. And welcome back from all your travels!

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