It’s raining!

After 9 weeks of high temperatures with no rain at all, today at 15.05 it started to rain.

The temperature dropped by at least 10°C, although that won’t last, but it is a great relief.

I couldn’t wait to take some photographs so opening the windows and lifting the fry screens I managed to capture the storm.  As always when we have summer afternoon rain it was a thunder storm.  When we have electric storms it is always a good idea to unplug everything – most importantly the pump for the well, the electric gate, televisions and the Wi-Fi.  I unplugged the computer too so couldn’t share my joy immediately.

T%he wind was also strong blowing all the dead leaves from trees and shrubs

T%he wind was also strong blowing all the dead leaves from trees and shrubs

I hope you can see the slanting rain

I hope you can see the slanting rain

What a difference to the scene on Wednesday for GBFD

What a difference to the scene on Wednesday for GBFD

It will be interesting to see if enough rain fell to spark some plants into flowering again.

Have a great weekend and I hope you get the weather you would like to have.

42 thoughts on “It’s raining!

        • Do you come from somewhere with more hills? I know when I visit my mil I am amazed by the huge skies; but I do know what you mean about such flat counties, I like the small mountain ranges that I can see from the upper windows of the house.

  1. So glad you have some much needed rain, I’m sure your garden will feel much better now! We have had rain all day too with more forecast for Sunday.

  2. I love a good storm. That one looks like it dropped enough rain to do some good. We’ve had mere sprinkles, but the cooling trend has been welcome.

    • After nothing at all for so long combined with the exceptionally high temperatures any rain at all would have been welcome, I hope we have a week of afternoon showers!

    • I knew would understand exactly how I felt, it was such a relief and the heavy rain that lasted about an hour was followed later in the day by a long gentle shower, perfect.

  3. So pleased to hear you have all had rain finally. We have actually had some sun. I had to water my pots yesterday – the first time for many weeks. Quite sunny again today. Lovely.

  4. Hurrah! Are things getting a good soaking? Here after a very wet spring and early summer it is gotten a bit dry … we could use some rain but it’s not certain we will get any in the next week.

    • The rain is a beginning but it is early days yet; usually the end of July and beginning of August are our hottest period. But at present we are having a reprieve from the constant heat, at least now mornings and evenings are cooler.

  5. Nothing like a rejuvenating rain to clean the air and lift one’s spirits. I can almost feel the water from reading your description. We had only a brief shower this week and the garden complained yesterday by drooping miserably. I’m heading out now to appease it with a bit of watering. Hope you’re doing well.

  6. I can almost feel the refreshing rain and hear the thunder. I hope the rain was enough to make a difference, and I hope there will be more to come!

    • there was more rain than often comes with a summer storm, but more importantly the temperatures have dropped, so the plants should have more chance of recovery.

  7. Those are great photographs and you can really feel the mood of a summer storm. We are due one too but all we have is clouds at the moment but at least it is cooler now. Amelia

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