In a vase on Monday – Orange yet again

Monday means a vase of flowers from my garden for Cathy.  Yes, in a way I do feel that these vases are a gift to Cathy and all those who join her meme; they are also a gift to me as I’m sure sometimes I would think I was too busy to pick flowers just for myself.  Today is a good example; I have a dental appointment and lots to plant in the garden so without Cathy I wouldn’t have produced this arrangement.

Sunflowers, Cosmos, a couple of orange Zinnias, Tithonia and Leonis

Sunflowers, Cosmos, a couple of orange Zinnias, Tithonia and Leonotis leonurus

I reused the sunflowers, Leonotis and some of the Tithonia from last week’s vase with fresh Perovskia and the addition of some of the rather sparse Rudbeckia and orange Cosmos that you saw on my Cuttings garden post last Thursday.  The vase was photographed outside so the colours are truer than when I photograph them inside; it is sitting in the kitchen ready to cheer me up when I return from the dentist.

Another jolly orange vase

Another jolly orange vase

Why not pop over to Cathy at Rambling in the garden to see what others have found in their gardens today.



28 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday – Orange yet again

  1. These flowers made me smile. Beautiful colors. Especially in the top image I like how in effect the yellow sunflower is anchoring the vase while the other flowers are spreading and lifting toward freedom. Nicely done Christina. Speedy recovery.

  2. I love the orange, yellow and purple flowers in your vase this week Christina. I agree these vases are gifts to and from Cathy…I am not sure I would make a vase for myself without this meme. I hope the dental appt is not too stressful. Flowers will be a welcome sight. I myself have a Dr appt today.

    • Good luck at the doctors, I hope all is well. The dentist is more unpleasant than painful, but I’m fine, I was even able to work a little in the garden despite the heat.

  3. Aw, you got me all embarrassed Christina! 🙂 I know exactly what you mean though and of course that was one of the reasons why I decided to develop as a meme – to motivate myself.. And there are clearly people who enjoy looking at them even if they don’t create their own – so it looks like pleasure all round! Glad the dentist appointment was OK and trust that you were able to smile on your return when greeted by your bright and cheery vase 🙂 Always good to be able to recycle contents of course. How easy was the leonotis to grow?

  4. Christina your flowers are delightful and perfectly arranged in that lovely vase. I have to agree with you about outdoor photography. Everything looks fresher out there somehow.

  5. I think everyone’s a winner who joins in this meme. I always learn something new when I look at your vases and I love coming home to flowers, why did it take me so long to realise this?

  6. I think we are all thanking Cathy for the impetus to keep our homes filled with happiness fresh flowers bring. The airiness of your entry this week is very appealing.

  7. Your flowers are so bright and sunshiny, I’m sure they must have cheered you up from the dentist. I was thinking about trying to grow Leonotis too, but I’m not sure it is hardy here.

    • Leonotis is only marginally hardy here but it is easy to take cuttings to overwinter inside. Sarah Raven says it is hardy on her English garden, but maybe that’s just to sell plants.

  8. I’m sure that making up that vase was a welcome distraction both before and after Christina. Orange and blue are such a striking combination. Hope that you are feeling brighter today.

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