In a Vase on Monday – The same but different

Monday is the day when Cathy from Rambling in the garden asks us all to join her in picking flowers from our own gardens and plonking or arranging them in a vase to enjoy during the week in our homes.

Again there were a lot of flowers to pick and to be honest a lot of spent blooms that needed dead-heading, I really do need to do this job every couple of days as this morning I cut off more dead blooms than fresh ones from the Cosmos (all kinds).  There is an interesting balance between having enough of any one kind of flower to be able to produce the kind of vase I want and having so many flowers that they aren’t picked at all; I do enjoy them in the garden though as not much else is flowering in the heat. Continue reading

The formal garden now – Changes 2

My mind is full of ideas and plans – just what I love!  In my post outlining some of the options for changing the Formal garden, here, I failed to show you any currant images; I think it is always difficult to imagine exactly what a garden is like to be in without seeing it in person.  However much I follow blogs regularly and think I know them when I have had the pleasure of actually seeing them I have always been surprised by what I didn’t know or realise. Continue reading

2015.08.03 In a vase on Monday – summer!

Monday is when Cathy from Rambling in the garden asks us to pick flowers from our gardens to enjoy in our homes so very early this morning before it became too hot to go outside I picked three buckets of flowers and let them have a long drink while I did other things. Continue reading

2015.08.02 Plans for changing the garden 1

As my regular readers will know I have decided to change the design of the area in front of the terrace.  The loss of the box at the corners of the beds means that, for me, the integrity of the design has been lost.  This is the first of what I’m sure will be numerous posts discussing my idea, wishes and what the possibilities are for this area. Continue reading