17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday Amaryllis belladonna

  1. I love A. belladonna; a friend gave me a bulb last summer which I duly planted and nurtured, but during one of the really hard freezes, even the bulb turned to mush. Hopefully my friend is still feeling generous as I would love to establish these!

  2. That’s beautiful Christina–worth the wait. Thought of you yesterday. We went to Duke Gardens to the white garden with all the oak-leaf hydrangeas. A blue-sky, sunny day–with low humidity!

    • Yes, I think maybe the bulbs became covered with other plants and they don’t like that so if I buy more I must make sure they have some space. I loved the White garden at Duke Garden, I thought it was the part with the most thought behind the planting, from your image today it looks even better now and I would definitely like it even more in low humidity!

  3. They’re wonderful plants, Christina. I received some from a gardener on the east coast late in the season and they didn’t bloom this year. Hopefully, they’ll show up next year.

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