In a vase on Wednesday – Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday's vase

Wednesday’s vase



Zinnias and Chiosya ternata

Zinnias and Chiosya ternata

Replacing the white froth which I've moved to the kitchen

Replacing the white froth which I’ve moved to the kitchen

24 thoughts on “In a vase on Wednesday – Wordless Wednesday

  1. The deep pink zinnia is lovely. I think I might grow zinnias again next year as I didn’t have any this year and had to wait so long for the cosmos to get going. When did yours start flowering?

    • Yesterday I checked how long the zinnias have been producing flowers and I used some for the first time on 8th June, so amazing value from half a packet of seeds that cost 1€

    • Choisya is such an easy going plant, mine usually flowers twice a year, last year if I remember correctly it flowered for a third time in December, so do look for a replacement, I’m thinking of taking cuttings because I heard on the radio that they are easy – I’ve never tried them before but I wouldn’t say no to more plants.

    • I don’t think it was the seed as the Pink Sensation I used was Italian, the white was T&M (last years seed) and the deep colours Sarah Raven. I’m more intrigues my the self sown seeds which have produced very strong plants with lots of foliage but not so much flower. All the rest have been pulled out now as they were dying or struggling.

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