In a vase on Thursday

Today has been cold and wet!  So cold I decided it was time to do ‘the change of wardrobe’.  I put away all the linen shirts and trousers and put cashmere jumpers into the draws and, (I can hardly believe this) I actually put one on and I’m not too hot.  The weather continues with its strangeness.

This morning I picked lots more of the crimson zinnias and gave them to a friend.  I wasn’t sure what to pick today but the Aster ‘Monte Cassino’ was looking so pretty I decided to use that again, this time I found the very last stems of a sunflower hidden among asparagus stems and some Cosmos ‘Pink Sensation’ – these are the self seeded ones, they flowering quite well now and the stems are wonderfully strong with multiple buds.  As foliage interest I chose The flower heads of Thai Basil, which are also lovely crumpled over cucumber or zucchini salad.

I used a cube shaped chunky glass vase

I used a cube shaped chunky glass vase

The stems are all holding each other up, I put the twiggy stems of the Thai basil in the vase first

The stems are all holding each other up, I put the twiggy stems of the Thai basil in the vase first

The flash has changed the blue Asters to pink in the above image.

These colours feel more spring like than autumnal

These colours feel more spring like than autumnal

What’s the weather like with you this first day of October?

47 thoughts on “In a vase on Thursday

  1. It rained for the last 3 days of September with 5+inches of rain…and a cold front as the low overnight was 44 and high today is 63….brrrr! Fall is here and we are pulling out a lot of the veg garden as the lows overnight are going to 40 and freezes around us. Love this vase….the asters are wonderful.

    • I’m going to turn off the automatic irrigation tomorrow and hand water if it needs it from now on. The tomatoes have finished fruiting and some of the pepper and aubergine plants have dies, Autumn has arrived rather early this year.

  2. Really lovely vase of flowers Christina, its like an English country bouquet, your friend must of been delighted. We are in shirt sleeves here, its been so warm, hard to imagine you in jumpers and us in t-shirts for a change!

    • Our weather is so strange this year, from the hottest summer on record since 2003 to probably the coolest September even though the days have mostly been lovely, it has been cooler. Today I didn’t open the greenhouse doors all day, the first time since about March.

  3. Yes, this vase is so lovely! Each day just gets better!
    After months of dry weather here in western Nevada, we have rain this morning. It’s glorious! It feels like the El Nino has arrived and maybe we’ll get some relief from the drought.

    • So you’ve had a drought this summer too. Today was really cold; but I mustn’t complain we need the rain. Usually the weather is good in October, often better than September.

  4. Sunny here, but with just a bit of bite to the air…my favorite kind of weather. This time of year, our gardens dictate the kind of vases we will make. Yours is a benevolent dictator.

  5. A lovely surprise to see your Thursday vase Christina. I just came in from the garden after collecting flowers for another vase too. It started raining again here too. Trying to salvage some blooms ahead of the hurricane that’s on the way, as everything is likely to become a wind-blown tangle by Sunday. It’s expected to be a dangerous storm. A beach yoga retreat scheduled for this weekend had to be cancelled so I am bummed about that. Hope you’re getting a nice rain. Enjoy the cooler weather.

  6. Pretty pastels Christina. 🙂 My garden seems to have more pastel shades still rather than autumny colours. It was a lovely sunny cloudless day here today, but quite a chilly breeze and only 4° this morning!

    • I’m glad you have nice weather Anca, get planting those bulbs and think of spring! Usually October is too warm to start planting tulips, I’m chilling lots of mine this year in the hope of earlier flowers next spring, but probably this year the winter will be cold and I’ll be doing it unnecessarily.

  7. I think this might be my favorite vase this week. It has such a delicate look to it with the smaller airy flowers. Quite the contrast to zinnias and sunflowers!

  8. Pink or lavender, the asters are lovely. It’s still warm here, although not nearly as hot as the forecasters had predicted for this weekend. There’s also a slight chance of rain Sunday night into Monday.

  9. It’s a lovely soft coloured bouquet. We had the reverse seasonal change here tonight – it was warm enough not to have a fire this evening. I haven’t put away the woollies yet though.

  10. Lovely vase of flowers! It looks so pretty with all the little blooms and I love the Thai basil. I am sitting here in the south of England to a very rainy day after a gloriuos few eeks of Indian summer. Popping in as part of my 300 blog comments in 30 days challenge!

  11. I am sitting here wearing a long-sleeved sweater. This past week was the first time I have worn fall clothes this season, though it is probably too soon to put summer things away completely. Your vase does look like spring, though it contains fall flowers. It is very lovely!

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