In a vase on Monday -late

Last week I wanted to pick a vase of flowers every day of the week and post the images.  The flowers didn’t run out but I completely ran out of time!

Here are the links to the vases I did manage to create:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

I did pick flowers for Friday and they were on the table for when some friends came to supper.  The same flowers were on the table on Saturday when we hosted a pizza party for our gardening friends.  But I am still struggling to complete everything that needs to be done before I travel to the UK to be with my MIL when she returns home from hospital.

I’m sure when I’m actually there I’ll be able to do some catch-up posts about the vegetable garden, plans for the winter and ‘what survived the summer’.

I will also have to catch up with all your interesting posts.

Here’s Friday’s vases.  Have a great week. Christina

Tithonia flowers and when the petals have fallen plus Jerusalem artichoke flowers

Tithonia flowers and when the petals have fallen plus Jerusalem artichoke flowers

The Campari bottles used again - what would I do without them?!

The Campari bottles used again – what would I do without them?!

6 small vases along the centre of the table

6 small vases along the centre of the table

Do check out Cathy at Rambling in the garden to see what flowers everyone found this week, thanks for hosting this inspiring meme Cathy.


33 thoughts on “In a vase on Monday -late

  1. That is such a lovely idea… a row of matching vases on the table. Very pretty! My Tithonia are gradually flopping in the cold damp nights, but they are such gorgeous flowers, and great in a vase. Have a good trip Christina!

  2. I hope all goes well with your MIL Christina, there are never enough hours in the day, best wishes for a smooth trip to the UK, the weekend is due to be dry and sunny, hopefully you will enjoy some of our better weather.

  3. I love those Campari bottles, perfect for pizza night. I saw your Mon Tues W in a vase and thought yes you are right, there are enough flowers for everyday. I am amazed you had time to do all those posts let alone the usual Monday. You did well and I hope your trip goes well.

  4. They make such a good table decoration, Christina – so simple and stylish. I don’t suppose you know how long you will have to be in the UK so it’s no wonder there will be a lot to sort out before you go. Don’t forget to let me know your movements once you are over here to see if there is any way we could meet up.

    • Yes, the Tithonia have been a success; obviously they need sun, the common name tells all, Mexican sunflower so they thrive with heat and sun, so they should do ell for you.

  5. What a beautiful idea to line the table with these lovely flowers. Somehow I’ve missed some of these other vases–will have to check them out. Best wishes for a safe trip and a speedy recovery to your MIL.

  6. These are beautiful! One could use any number of small matching vases for a similar effect. I really like the Tithonia. I hope your MIL recovers well and that you have a safe journey and good time visiting, despite the circumstances.

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