Wordless Wednesday – Crab Apple

The Crab apple was looking wonderful last week, lots of fruit after a winter that was long but with temperatures not all that low so I wasn’t expecting so many apples.

Lots of fruit on the crab apple

Lots of fruit on the crab apple

The crab apple also tolerated the hot summer very well with only rare irrigation when watering something new near by.

21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Crab Apple

    • I can’t remember which one it is or even if it was a named variety. This one usually keeps its apples all winter while the yellow one I also have drops its apples almost immediately. I was pleased to see how well it coped with the drought this year.

    • I have made crab apple jelly with the ones from the other tree that tend to drop very quickly, these I enjoy seeing on the tree all winter unless the birds have at last discovered that these are edible.

  1. Your tree is lovely and looks very well established. Where I grew up in Alberta Crab Apple trees were one of the very few fruit trees which could tolerate the cold winters. My Mom used to make pickled crab apples which were wonderful with roast or cold meat.
    I think they are are lovely in blossom and in fruit. I’ve just planted a Golden Hornet this year – I wonder if that’s the one which doesn’t hold the fruit on the tree. My other ones are Jack Humm, which stays on the tree all winter if you don’t pick it.

  2. Lovely! The ‘Donald Wyman’ here has dropped all its leaves but there is still plenty of fruit. My new crab in the back still has its leaves but there was very little fruit this year. My mother didn’t pickle the crabapples, but she did make crabapple jelly.

  3. The tree looks lovely bedecked with all those crab apples. I dithered about using my Golden Hornet ones to make jelly, because they look so attractive on the plant – until they turn brown, that is 😦

  4. I am glad you are back safe and that your MIL is on the mend. I love your crabapple. I am reminded of the crabapple trees we had on our property when I was a girl. I loved their sour/tangy flavor. No crabapples for me here. Too many are plagued by disease.

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