In a Vase on Monday – White

I am amazed that there is still an abundance of flowers in the cuttings beds all vying to be picked and admired indoors!

Monday brings the fun of filling a vase and sharing it with all the other bloggers who have become addicted to Cathy’s (Rambling in the Garden) meme.

The long stems of Cosmos Purity were becoming bent over with the weight , a large vase of them on their own seemed a nice 'summery' idea

The long stems of Cosmos Purity were becoming bent over with their weight , a large vase of them on their own seemed a nice ‘summery’ idea

You can see that last week’s orange vase is still looking good, definitely a bonus with Chrysanthemums – their longevity.

White and green Chrysanthemums in a low bowl as a table decoration

White and green Chrysanthemums in a low bowl as a table decoration

White and green Chrysanthemums in a low bowl as a table decoration

White and green Chrysanthemums in a low bowl as a table decoration

Just the addition of some scented Eleaegnus

Just the addition of some scented Eleaegnus

White and green Chrysanthemums in a low bowl as a table decoration

White and green Chrysanthemums in a low bowl as a table decoration

I also have a vase of Crimson Zinnias with the same green Chrysanthemums as in the vase above; but that is the same as two weeks ago.

I think if I had seen these green ‘mums’ in a shop I would have thought they had been dyed, their colour is so vibrant but I grew these so I know they are genuine!

I have a lack of low bowls for table arrangements yet that in reality is where I want flowers so I feel the justification for the purchase of some more vases if I see what I ‘need’.

Do visit Cathy to see what she and others have found to pick today.  Have a great week.


43 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – White

  1. Wonderful that you still have Cosmos. I love those green chrysanthemums, I can’ t resist green flowers and they look lovely in an arrangement. Both arrangements are beautiful but I particularly like the green and white posy.

  2. white and green is my favourite colour combination and I love the way you have displayed the flowers as a table decoration. There was still Cosmos ‘Purity’ blooming in the nursery where I work last week – so pretty.

  3. The tall cosmos vase with the ferny leaves is so pretty, Christina, and I also like the rounded bowl of white and green mums, so crisp and full, that globular look is so appealing to me, and rather tricky to arrange.

  4. Great that you’re still enjoying nice weather for gardening. The cosmos still looks amazing. Like everyone else, I’m smitten with those green chrysanthemums. Hope you’ll have fun searching for bowls for table arrangements.

    • The green ‘mums’ are amazing, I had planted green Zinnias too, but they didn’t do as well as the other zinnias and the odd flower that did appear wasn’t as good as the ‘mum’.

  5. Love the frothy white cosmos vase and the chrysanth ones are so effective with the green and white. I know what you mean about the low bowls – something I lack too. Did you cut the stems quite short and how have you held them in place? I am hoping to have some green ones too in due course – Froggy and another green one whose name I can’t remember. They are in the greenhouse now but there is little sign of buds yet…

    • I used pebbles yet again to hold them on place and yes, I had to cut the stems down but given they were growing sideways because they weren’t planted with enough light around them, that wasn’t a problem!

  6. I’ve always wondered about those green mums so thank you for clarifying that their color is natural. They make a pretty complement to the white mums and must be so useful in a wide variety of arrangements. (I’ll have to look back at the combination with the Zinnias.) Your Cosmos leave me kicking myself again for failing to plant them this year – they’re so simple and yet so beautiful!

  7. The white cosmos are jusr wonderful, aren’t they! i grew some ‘Purity’ this year too and they really shine out. Love the table decoration with green and white Mums. The two colours are simple and elegant together. I have never attempted something like that, so I will have to see what ‘vessel’ I can come up with for a low arrangement. Have a lovely week Christina.

  8. I am amazed at the vibrant green mums. I definitely would have thought them dyed if you had not told me otherwise. You make me want a cutting garden. My mind is turning to think of where I could put one.

  9. I love all your chrysanthemums this week Christina and I am so jealous of your vase of cosmos – I pulled all my browned plants out today. I am always on the look out for additional containers to display my flowers in – I have found soup tureens are great for table arrangements.

    • Thanks for the idea of a soup tureen but I think even that might be a little high, Richard removes the flowers from the table if he cant easily see the person across the table.

  10. The Cosmos are so simple and summery looking in the off white vase, and I’m envious of your chrysanthemums. Both colours are lovely. I think the green ones would be great with my burgundy dahlias – or maybe not but worth a try if I can find some.

  11. We can all find good reasons to acquire new vases…I love both the arrangements. The white and green chrysanthemums are superb, the fold in the petals remind me of beautifully carved marble. Sadly I do not have enough room to grow Chrysanthemums now, so it is nice to be able to see yours.

  12. So fresh and clean at this time of year with no hint of the dying and decay going on in our gardens. Beautiful. I love the lime green mums and have seen them as cut flowers but have not seen the plants offered. Must investigate further as they’re wonderful!

  13. I think the white Cosmos are aptly named ‘Purity’ – they look so elegant in your white vase. I, too am enamored with green mums, whether cushion or button types, they are such a lovely addition to a vase.

  14. Most envious of the fact that you are still able to pick cosmos Christina 🙂 Although we still have not had that first frost (imminent this weekend) mine were done and dusted a while ago.

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