Some roses in November

Roses rarely flower in my garden in mid-summer, it is too hot for them; their time is May and early June and then if I’m lucky in late autumn.

R. mutabilis

R. mutabilis

The mutablis hedge needs trimming as it is close to the drive, but how can I prune it now when it is full of flower to welcome me home.

R. mutabilis

R. mutabilis

R. Sally Holms

R. Sally Holms

In autumn R. Sally Holms has single flowers rather than the full heads that are each like a bunch of flowers.

R. William Shakespear

R. William Shakespear


R. Sophie's Perpetual

R. Sophie’s Perpetual


R. Queen of Sweden

R. Queen of Sweden

R. Molineaux

R. Molineaux

R. Molineaux

R. Molineaux

In the back border the Arbutilon is a mass of nodding flowers

The Arbutilon is covered in colours, they positively glow in the low morning and evening light

The Arbutilon is covered in colours, they positively glow in the low morning and evening light

Do you have any surprise flowers in your garden today?

Have a lovely weekend, Sunday is Garden Bloggers’ Foliage day, do join me to celebrate all things leafy!

28 thoughts on “Some roses in November

    • I love the mutabilis at this time of year as it has all the colours; in summer all the flowers become deep crimson almost immediately, now there is pale pink and apricot too.

  1. I have Lewisia flowering but after this W/E they will be gone, we have been forecast a frost and maybe a flurry of snow. Love your roses, Mutabilis is still flowering here too , her flowers are now only the peachy shades.

  2. I love looking at photos from your garden! We we’re plagued with heavy frost in the beginning of the month so there’s not much left here other than a few calendula and a lovely deep blue salvia that seems to be very resilient. Thankfully they look charming together.

    Happy November!


  3. My roses went into hiding all summer too but, although they’ve made some timid reappearances, I haven’t had any displays like yours. I love that ‘Queen of Sweden’. Flowers are in surprisingly small supply in my garden at the moment, probably due to our seemingly relentless heat spells. We’re back in the low 80sF (28-29C) right now.

    • Some roses seem to be putting on a display to match that in spring, others just have one or two flowers but they do brighten the garden. your temperatures are still higher than ours and we are forecast some very cold nights next week, possibly even frost.

  4. They are all beautiful, and I love the combination of roses and Pennisetum. We have had strong winds and rain, and now snow is forecast, so my last rose buds may decide to give up for this year!

  5. They may not bloom often, but they bloom beautifully. I don’t normally care much for yellow roses (I know, sacrilege), but the R. Molineaux is a stunner.

  6. I still have plenty flowering, Christina as we still haven’t had a frost – though we have snow forecast for this weekend. I’ve been putting the tropical border ‘away’ this week and cutting down dahlias (still in flower) – in November! Nice how your gardens sort of morphs into an English garden at this time of year. Dave

    • Our winter temperatures aren’t so different to yours at least during the day, but there is more light and more sunshine so you’re right the Italian winter isn’t what a lot of people imagine!

  7. I really like the lightness of Sophie’s Perpetual with the grasses and I agree with Tina that although I avoid yellow roses your macro photo of Molineaux has sold it to me. My William Shakespear has just finished its second flowering. It’s lovely isnt it? It is supposed to snow/sleet this morning, but they seem to have got that wrong, however the temperatures are dropping and we are going to freeze tonight.

  8. Oh you have some beauties there. Here ‘Blush Noisette’ and ‘New Dawn’ are still flowering in very small numbers. I like the shape and colour of ‘Molineaux’, especially in the close up where the flowers seem to have definite orange tones. I’m wondering which photo conveys the most accurate colour. Is it scented?

  9. You have some lovely roses there Christina, looks like Summer. I especially like the arbutilon, such dainty shy heads. We have had our first proper frost overnight and it looks like the dahlias have been hit. From a distance Lark Ascending is still blooming but on closer inspection the petals are stung. Mondays vase is going to be a challenge but i reckon you should have ample to choose from.

  10. Lovely roses! A gorgeous collection. In my garden, it is Mutabilis and Sally Holmes which keep on and on. We have had a few night’s frost though so everything is looking a bit frayed at the edges.

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