In a Vase on Monday – You’d think it was spring!

Cathy is away today celebrating her mother’s 90th birthday – Happy Birthday Cathy’s mum!

Even though she is away, Cathy has produced a love little vase of flowers so my arrangement is for her for her dedication to this meme which brings us all such pleasure.

Everyone seemed to find roses in their gardens to pick last week and as you saw in my post on Friday I, too have roses still flowering in the garden.  Today as I went outside to pick and choose my flowers for today I felt a distinct chill in the air; the wind is bringing cold weather so maybe just as well that I rescued R. Queen of Sweden before the frost turns her pretty buds to mush.

Today's vase

Today’s vase

Only the Pennisetum Karly gives the lie to this being a spring vase.  Pennisetum cope well with the drought and this one has been flowering since mid-September.

R. Queen of Sweden

R. Queen of Sweden

While looking for something to put in the vase with my roses I remembered that the lavender plants given to me by a friend as rooted cuttings was flowering and seemed a natural chose to put with the roses.  This lavender (sorry no ID) is a star it flowers almost all year and strikes really easily as a cutting, much better than the lavender that was in the formal garden which I’ve had very limited success in producing new plants.

R. Queen of Sweden, Lavender; is it spring?

R. Queen of Sweden, Lavender; is it spring?

I have a second vase for you today; they are a flower I’ve never seen before, actually I thought this was a plant that didn’t flower, which may be a clue as to what it is, do you know?  Can you guess?

Can you guess what these flowers are?

Can you guess what these flowers are?

Can you guess what these flowers are?

Can you guess what these flowers are?

Do visit Cathy Rambling further than her garden today to see what she and others have found for their vases today.  Have a good week, and keep warm as it seems that most of us are headed for a cold week.


32 thoughts on “In a Vase on Monday – You’d think it was spring!

  1. ‘Queen of Sweden’ definitely deserves the regal name – it is beautiful! I like the Pennisetum and the glaucous green (?) that plays well off the roses.
    Your mystery golden flower looks like a Tagetes species to me. Definitely of the composite family, whatever it is!

    • R. Queen of Sweden is a lovely rose, delicately perfumed she is as beautiful in bud as when fully opened. The glaucus green is a plant I forget the name of always; it is a Mediterranean plant, if Liz (The Blooming garden) reads this I’m sure she knows what it is! The mystery flower is from a herb.

  2. Your Queen of Sweden roses are lovely, such a rounded shape, Christina. The grass plumes and green sprigs look good with them, and I like your pebbles to hide the stems. You are blessed to continue with warm weather, the icy temperatures hit here.

  3. So, a mystery to solve this morning. I’ll be checking back to see what the herb is. My first thought was how did you get marigolds with such nice long stems. The flowers make a strong impact in that square vase. The roses make a beautiful arrangement too. Have a great day Christina.

  4. I was just coming over to say I believe that is tarragon…well done Susie. Love the pink roses Christina and how lovely they look with grasses from autumn. I have a few buds I rescued and waiting for them to open for future vases. Beautiful autumn light in your garden too!

  5. I see Susie has guessed but was going to say Tarragon too, although that was after thinking through everything you would be likely to cook first! Then thinking through the possible flower options of every herb you have and Tarragon was the only one I had never seen in flower before. So a process of elimination. I really like your quizzes and your vases!

    • I like your thought processes Julie! I always assumed that French Tarragon didn’t have flowers because you can’t grow it from seed. Here it’s called Dragoncello, which makes it sound very fierce.

  6. Thank you for your kind words Christina – I have made sure my Mum gets my blog posts by email now so I am hoping she will read all the best wishes people are sending her! As Hannah says, Q of S has such beautifully shaped blooms – if I find even more spaces for roses I am increasingly thinking I would like her myself! Those long stems on the tarragon are amazing and if you hadn’t said it was a herb most of us would have struggled to work out what it was. Is this pennisetum hardy for you?

    • I wouldn’t have guessed what the flowers were either so I just put it in as a bit of fun for a cold Monday! Yes the Pennisettum is hardy here; I’ve had it for about four years and it copes OK in drought and has not minded the winters so far, I am concerned that this winter may be colder than for a few years but I think it the ground is dry it should survive.

  7. I adore that pink rose, Christina! From the shape and color, I’d have guessed that the yellow flowers were Tagetes except that the long stems didn’t compute. I see the mystery has been answered – I didn’t know tarragon bloomed either.

  8. I llove the rounded overlapping petals of Queen of Sweden. Do we usually have roses to pick in November? I’ve three different roses blooming in the garden this week although the roses themselves are very small. I didn’t know tarragon produced such pretty flowers, they really are a sunshine yellow.

  9. The rose is wonderful Christina, and I love the Pennisetum to go with it making the vase more seasonal. It really reflects your garden at this time of year. I would never have guessed Tarragon, as mine has only ever produced tiny insignificant pale cream flowers. It is a gorgeous yellow!

  10. Queen of Sweden is lovely and the glass vases with the stones work so well. There is a tarragon substitute which is a marigold, it’s called Mexican tarragon – I wonder if that is what you have? It tastes like a strong tarragon. I’ve grown it and the flower was very similar, but my stems were shorter and thinner.

    • That’s really interesting Cath; I’ve always thought that French tarragon didn’t flower so I was very surprised to find these flowers. Maybe that’s what I’ve been sold, the flavour is strong. I will have to check it out more.

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